Superior Support from Technical Experts

Commence Corporation is dedicated to providing the highest quality services to our valued customers. Annual software maintenance and telephone support services ensure that Commence customers realize the maximum value from their investment. Customers that select these services receive product updates, functional enhancements and service packs on an annual basis and are entitled to telephone support and assistance during normal business hours.

For assistance after normal working hours, Commence provides customers with access to a public knowledgebase that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This knowledgebase is ideal for general inquiries, FAQs and problem troubleshooting. It also provides customers with information about product upgrades, technical notes, newsletters and a file library listing features incorporated in service packs.

Software Maintenance Policy

Software maintenance ensures that the product you have chosen will remain current and supportable by Commence Corporation's professional services team. Periodic updates and product enhancements are released throughout the year and are provided as part of the annual software maintenance program. Only customers who have paid their annual software maintenance fee in advance are entitled to product updates and enhancements. For customers who have an annual subscription license, product updates and enhancements are included in their annual licensing fee.

Technical Support Policy

Commence is highly recognized for providing world-class customer service. A team of highly trained consultants are available via telephone and e-mail to assist customers with questions regarding the utilization of the product, problem resolution, scheduling training or simply providing advice and counsel. Telephone support may be purchased in blocks of hours and is available during normal business hours from the company’s North American headquarters as well as regionally throughout Europe and Australia. Customers must be utilizing the latest version of the product(s) in order to receive technical support.

End of Life Policy

Products reach the end of their life cycle for several reasons. Sometimes it's due to market demands and technology innovation, and sometimes they simply mature over time and are replaced by functionally richer solutions. Commence Corporation realizes that the end of a product's life or a specific product version may prompt companies to review the impact on their business. With this in mind, Commence utilizes several vehicles of communication, such as e-mail, newsletters, website and direct correspondence to communicate important milestones to customers regarding end of life or end of support notification, and options for upgradability.

Versions of the software that are identified as discontinued or unsupported, have reached the end of their life cycle and are no longer sold or supported. This means that no additional development including product enhancements, maintenance patches or bug fixes will be made to these versions. This end of life policy statement is made to clarify our commitment to continuing to provide enhanced quality products and efficient service for our customers.


Instructor Led (On-site and Remote)

Commence offers several training programs to support a variety of customer requirements. The most efficient vehicle for training are web based programs that enable staff members to learn how to use the features in Commence RM right from the comfort of their desktop PC. On-site training is also available and is conducted by highly skilled instructors at the customer’s facility or local training center. For information about customized training sessions for your business call or e-mail: