Apple Mac

CRM for Apple Mac

No add-ons or Troublesome plug-ins

Use your Mac and enjoy the same CRM application software that has traditionally been only available to PC users. Commence CRM operates via the Mac browser, which means there are no add-ons or troublesome plug-ins to install. And, if you have a mixed environment of Apple Mac’s and Windows PC’s, that’s no problem.

Apple CRM


  • Operates natively on the Mac
    No add on software or plug-ins required
  • Comprehensive Application Suite
    Contact management, lead management, sales, marketing, customer service & project management
  • Support for iPhone
    Integrates with Mobile devices including iPhone
  • Works with Mac E-mail
    Seamless integration with Entourage and Outlook for Macintosh


The Apple Mac is becoming more and more popular among small to mid-size businesses, many who now have a mixed platform of Mac’s and PC’s. Commence is one of the only CRM software solutions that natively supports this mixed environment. Commence CRM will also integrate the Mac and PC e-mail.