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Dear Customers, Press, Prospects & Partners,

I am delighted to invite you to follow Commence Corporation on Twitter and on our new Commence Blog. More and more businesses and individuals are relying on social networking to convey and receive information quickly and simply. Commence’s new social networking presence via blog postings and “tweets” will enable us to enhance our communication and build closer relationships with customers. Whether it’s the latest news on our flexible suite of award-winning CRM products or news in the sales and customer service industries, Commence looks to educate and inform our customers.

Commence’s Twitter followers were the first to know about our new drip marketing functionality. The newest version of Commence OnDemand, a flexible, Web-based hosted CRM solution, now enables marketing teams to automate, and schedule the delivery of text-based or HTML-based e-mail marketing campaigns. Commence understands that companies are being challenged to do more with less. Commence OnDemand’s breadth of functionality – such as our new drip marketing capabilities – makes it the ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses that want to have one system that manages CRM, sales and marketing. By following us on Twitter or at our blog, you’ll be among the first to learn about product enhancements and industry news.

Larry Caretsky, Chief Executive Officer

Image Credit: by Tstilz source Wikimedia license Public Domain from acobox.com

One thought on “Welcome to the Commence Corporation Blog

  1. Excellent initiative Larry. I have been using commence since 1994 and our current data base bears no relationship whatsoever to the original package version. I am delighted with the progressive change in the software over the years and its continued utility. Its an important business tool for us – and I have no idea how others manage their day to day activities with Outlook for example. Thanks for the initiative. PS What is a twitter? PPS If you are new to Commence or thinking of purchasing this product you will find that the Commence user base is exclusive and pretty devoted to the product – its more like the devotion you see in Apple users and not at all common for a Windows product IMHO. Part of the reason for this is that Commence really gets into your workflow and business organisation and slowly becomes totally indespensible. John M

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