From Hosted CRM to Cloud Based CRM

“Customers who thought they had a handle around the different deployment models of CRM software have been thrown another curve ball” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation.  “Today everyone’s talking about cloud based CRM software and most companies are not quite certain what this means.”  There are so many terms being bantered about the industry such as desktop CRM, on premise CRM, hybrid CRM, hosted CRM, online CRM, web based CRM and now cloud based CRM that it’s no wonder customers are confused.   So what exactly is cloud CRM?

Cloud based CRM is simply the next generation of hosting, whereby the CRM provider manages the back end operations of your CRM system. The difference with cloud based computing vs. the standard hosting & management service is that it is more flexible in terms of system and server resources.  Let’s say for example that you need additional storage or have an unusually high volume of activity on your system.  With cloud computing and CRM software, the cloud based servers are able to immediately respond to demand adding capabilities or reducing capabilities based on your real time requirements.  A hosted solution would require you to inform the service provider of the additional requirements or changes ahead of time, so that the system could be updated by the IT services team.

Commence Corporation offers several different deployment models for their top rated  CRM software.  The CRM solution may be deployed on-premise, hosted by Commence Corporation’s professional staff, or operated as cloud CRM solutions.  To learn more about Commence CRM software visit the company’s web site at

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