Commence CRM Battles Industry Leaders in Europe

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Who says a smaller less known CRM software provider can’t mix it up with the big boys?   While industry leaders Microsoft Dynamics CRM and fight for market share in Europe they now have to contend with Commence Corporation, a company that has been gaining ground in the small to mid-size business sector.
Commence is no stranger to the CRM software industry and has been developing and marketing customer management software for small and mid-size businesses for more than two decades.  Commence is well regarded in the United States for the development of high quality business software that is not only flexible but easy to use.  The company has had prior business partnerships with IBM, Compaq Computer and AT&T all of whom had resold Commence products under private label agreements.

“We come from the small to mid-size business sector,” says Larry Caretsky, President of Commence Corporation “and we understand their requirements and the type of services they require.  Our competitors cut their teeth in the enterprise sector with robust offerings and complex functionality that is required for large multi-national organizations.  When this sector became saturated they removed functionality and reduced their cost to sell into this market space, but here’s the problem with that:  these products are still complex and hard to use and reducing the price does not change this.  Customers that select these products end up with dozens of features that they never use. This is one of the reasons so many smaller businesses fail with these products.”

“Commence is a pure play CRM solution provider. It’s all we do,” says Caretsky “so it should not be too difficult for people to appreciate why despite not being as well-known as Microsoft or we may in fact be a better solution for small to mid-size companies.  We certainly have a twenty year track record that supports this and a large customer base that agrees.”

For more information about Commence’s cloud based CRM software visit the company’s website.

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Sales Best Practice #39 – Regularly and systematically meets and interacts with all the key contact people within A accounts

A best practice for sales people by Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator.

It’s so easy to become complacent and satisfied with our “relational comfort zones.”

Those are defined by the people with whom we have developed comfortable relationships, who can be counted upon to see us and spend some time with us. These people make us feel comfortable.

But, in today’s hyper-active market, relying on just existing and comfortable relationships is a prescription for disaster. People turn over frequently, and positions are eliminated overnight. Eventually, all those people with whom you have become comfortable will be gone.

A constant stream of new contacts is necessary nutrient for the professional b2b salesperson to grow his business. This is nowhere more true than in our A accounts.

The average salesperson is comfortable meeting with one or two key contacts in the “A” accounts. These contacts know us, we know them, and it’s easy to be content with that. However, the best salespeople understand that if we only have one or two key contacts, we are vulnerable.

There is always someone else who should know us, someone else who should have a relationship with us and our company. Sometimes those are people who are up the ladder from our key contact: Our contact’s boss, and the boss’s boss. Sometimes those are influential people within each of the departments or operating units of the organization.

Regardless, the more of them that know us, the more solid is the total relationship with that account, and the more opportunities are presented to us as a result.

Our ability to fully understand the dynamics in an account is dependent on the depth of our relationships within that account. Each relationship brings us a different perspective and a deeper awareness of what the account really wants. We will never fully penetrate an account unless our relationships are broad and deep.

The best salespeople, the top guns, understand that. They methodically make lists of the key contact people, and systematically meet and interact with them.

As a result, they are well known within their A accounts, they uncover more opportunities, and they write more business. That is why they are the best. And that’s why this is a best practice of the best salespeople.

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Commence CRM – The Best Choice for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

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Competition in the online CRM software sector is intense and growing as more players seem to enter the space every day. While companies like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM are mainstream players that are trying to be all things to all people, several other CRM software providers are now challenging these companies with similar offerings that have been designed specifically for small to mid-size businesses.

One of these products is Commence CRM from Commence Corporation. What makes Commence appealing to this market sector is the product’s ease of use and lower price points.

Let’s face it, small to mid-size companies just do not have the comprehensive requirements that enterprise programs like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are designed to address. As the enterprise market became saturated, both companies introduced a version of their product for smaller businesses at a reduced cost. But lowering the cost does not reduce the complex nature of the offering. So what you have here is a product that’s just not the right fit for the SMB sector. For most small to mid-size businesses, the biggest challenge is getting people to use a CRM system. Make it hard and forget-about it, you’ve thrown money right out the window.

Commence CRM has been designed specifically for small to mid-size businesses. The company has been providing customer management software to SMB’s for more than two decades. It’s their core competency. I am not suggesting that Commence is a better company or product than Microsoft Dynamics CRM or,  just a better fit for this segment of the industry. Commence CRM  offers a number of advantages over other CRM players serving this sector. In addition to having a large customer base and a successful track record spanning 20 plus years, the company uses a world class data hosting service and has experienced personnel that provide an array of professional services to its customers. These services have been instrumental in ensuring that Commence customers realize the maximum value from the CRM software. Learn more about Commence CRM features or Timothy Vollmer on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

Commence Automates Lead Management Process with Flexible CRM Program

Commence Corporation, a leading provider of online CRM software, is helping small to mid-size businesses tackle the grueling process of lead generation, lead qualification and lead management. “This is one of the biggest challenges facing the SMB sector” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation.  “Many of these firms do not have highly experienced sales management or their sales staff may not have worked with automated programs like CRM software before. As a result, there are a lot of manual processes in place that work but are highly inefficient and costing these companies time and money.”

Commence is addressing this challenge by coupling a set of services and best practices with the company’s CRM software. The services include helping companies create targeted marketing campaigns that are generated and executed right from within the CRM software. Once the leads are generated they are color coded and placed in specific categories which automatically determine how they will be managed going forward. Highly qualified leads are immediately turned over to the sales team. Others are placed in an automatic “drip marketing” program that automatically sends information to these prospects on a pre-set timetable – traditionally weekly, monthly or quarterly.

The lead management process is highly effective and ensures your sales organization is focused on new business opportunities that have a chance to close in the near term. The remaining leads are automatically nurtured by the Commence CRM system.

Commence offers an array of professional services that have served to differentiate the company from competitive CRM firms that only sell software.

Commence Corporation Tangles with CRM Giant

Piglet vs. Gamorrean Guard (322/365)

Everyone knows that the CRM software industry is highly competitive with companies like Microsoft making a whole lot of noise and spending millions of dollars to market their solution. So how does a smaller player like Commence Corporation continue to make a name for itself and win decisions over this industry giant? “It’s easy if you understand what you provide and your competitors do not” says Tom Gibson, sales manager at Commence. “Of course some people are always going to make their decision based on name recognition, but Microsoft’s reputation in the CRM sector is sort of ‘good company, so-so CRM product’ and it has been this way for years.”

Commence is a pure play CRM solution provider with a mature product that has been designed specifically for small to mid-size businesses. The company has serviced this sector of the industry for more than twenty years and is highly recognized for having a top rated product and outstanding customer service.

“We know this market well” says Gibson “and we have a CRM solution that addresses the requirements of the SMB sector. It offers comprehensive functionality, is easy to use and affordable. Where we differ from other companies, especially Microsoft CRM, is in the level of value added services we can provide to customers. Small to mid-size businesses are looking for a partner not a vendor when it comes to CRM software. They often rely on the value added services that Commence provides. In addition to instructional training these services include sales training or implementation of a structured sales methodology, customization, system integration and the design and execution of marketing campaigns. Commence has a staff of people with experience in sales management, marketing and customer service. They have completed hundreds of CRM system implementations and are instrumental in ensuring that our customers realize extensive value from our product.”

“Microsoft CRM is sold through value added resellers and while I am sure many are very good, they simply do not have the in-depth experience with the product that we do with ours, nor can they offer the scope of value added services Commence can. This all leads up to a successful implementation and a high return on investment for our customers” concluded Gibson.

Commence is a cloud based CRM system that operates online and is sold and supported directly by Commence Corporation.

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