Commence Corporation Tangles with CRM Giant

Piglet vs. Gamorrean Guard (322/365)

Everyone knows that the CRM software industry is highly competitive with companies like Microsoft making a whole lot of noise and spending millions of dollars to market their solution. So how does a smaller player like Commence Corporation continue to make a name for itself and win decisions over this industry giant? “It’s easy if you understand what you provide and your competitors do not” says Tom Gibson, sales manager at Commence. “Of course some people are always going to make their decision based on name recognition, but Microsoft’s reputation in the CRM sector is sort of ‘good company, so-so CRM product’ and it has been this way for years.”

Commence is a pure play CRM solution provider with a mature product that has been designed specifically for small to mid-size businesses. The company has serviced this sector of the industry for more than twenty years and is highly recognized for having a top rated product and outstanding customer service.

“We know this market well” says Gibson “and we have a CRM solution that addresses the requirements of the SMB sector. It offers comprehensive functionality, is easy to use and affordable. Where we differ from other companies, especially Microsoft CRM, is in the level of value added services we can provide to customers. Small to mid-size businesses are looking for a partner not a vendor when it comes to CRM software. They often rely on the value added services that Commence provides. In addition to instructional training these services include sales training or implementation of a structured sales methodology, customization, system integration and the design and execution of marketing campaigns. Commence has a staff of people with experience in sales management, marketing and customer service. They have completed hundreds of CRM system implementations and are instrumental in ensuring that our customers realize extensive value from our product.”

“Microsoft CRM is sold through value added resellers and while I am sure many are very good, they simply do not have the in-depth experience with the product that we do with ours, nor can they offer the scope of value added services Commence can. This all leads up to a successful implementation and a high return on investment for our customers” concluded Gibson.

Commence is a cloud based CRM system that operates online and is sold and supported directly by Commence Corporation.

Image by JD Hancock on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

One thought on “Commence Corporation Tangles with CRM Giant

  1. It’s true that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has had a checkered past and was not a high quality product or ease to use. Their new cloud based CRM offering however I hear is on the right track but I agree that a cloud based solution designed specifically for small to mid-size companies might be a better fit. I don’t think Microsoft really cares about losing the little guys to Commence, they want the bigger fish.

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