Commence CRM Battles Industry Leaders in Europe

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Who says a smaller less known CRM software provider can’t mix it up with the big boys?   While industry leaders Microsoft Dynamics CRM and fight for market share in Europe they now have to contend with Commence Corporation, a company that has been gaining ground in the small to mid-size business sector.
Commence is no stranger to the CRM software industry and has been developing and marketing customer management software for small and mid-size businesses for more than two decades.  Commence is well regarded in the United States for the development of high quality business software that is not only flexible but easy to use.  The company has had prior business partnerships with IBM, Compaq Computer and AT&T all of whom had resold Commence products under private label agreements.

“We come from the small to mid-size business sector,” says Larry Caretsky, President of Commence Corporation “and we understand their requirements and the type of services they require.  Our competitors cut their teeth in the enterprise sector with robust offerings and complex functionality that is required for large multi-national organizations.  When this sector became saturated they removed functionality and reduced their cost to sell into this market space, but here’s the problem with that:  these products are still complex and hard to use and reducing the price does not change this.  Customers that select these products end up with dozens of features that they never use. This is one of the reasons so many smaller businesses fail with these products.”

“Commence is a pure play CRM solution provider. It’s all we do,” says Caretsky “so it should not be too difficult for people to appreciate why despite not being as well-known as Microsoft or we may in fact be a better solution for small to mid-size companies.  We certainly have a twenty year track record that supports this and a large customer base that agrees.”

For more information about Commence’s cloud based CRM software visit the company’s website.

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3 thoughts on “Commence CRM Battles Industry Leaders in Europe

  1. Commence CRM is a nice product and the company has provided excellent advice and counsel that has enabled us to get great value from it. This product and company is well suited for small to mid-size companies. We found the functionality in Commence much more comprehensive then products at a similar price point. There is only an English version however so if you need multi-language support you may have to look elsewhere.

  2. I’m using Commence since the year ’90 and am still totally satisfied with it. I adapted it to my different activities with always great satisfaction. My only actual concern : no Mac version available since I churned to Apple. This obliged me to put a MS session on my Mac… Shame!

  3. Commence On Demand the company’s cloud based solution actually does operate on the Mac and any tablet PC’s. My company uses it and is very satisfied. Like others we have found the service staff to be very good and helpful.

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