Customers Realize Maximum Value with CRM Video Training

Commence On-Demand, the popular online CRM software for small to mid-size businesses, is helping customers realize a rapid return on their investment through the use of video training.  “We know our customers are busy and may not have the time to schedule formal training sessions” says Flo Viau, a senior member of Commence Corporation’s professional services team, “so we are making it easier for them by continuing to add video training sessions to our current library.  This allows customers to view these video presentations from the comfort of their office desktop PC or from home.”

The most current training video helps customers take advantage of one of Commence CRM’s powerful search capabilities which enables you to create specific views of information.  For example, create a mailing list of all customers in the state of California, or all customers who have attended a specific trade show.  This search capability is one of the features that differentiate Commence CRM from competitive solutions.   The training videos are freely accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the Commence website.

Sales Best Practice #27 – Has a systematic set of criteria for classifying customers and prospects into ABC categories

A best practice for sales people by Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator.

Are you Reactive or Proactive?

Today’s selling environment is jammed with an unbelievable array of “things to do.”  Left without any mechanism to take control, salespeople can easily default to a way of going about their jobs that is characterized by being extremely busy at all the wrong things.  We spend all day reacting to the pressures and demands on us.  At the end of the day, we have been busy, but we’ve accomplished little of value.

The best salespeople understand that daily temptation to give in to the urgent in place of the important.  They understand the need to prioritize.  And, when it comes to sales, the most important aspect of your job to prioritize is your list of customers and prospects.

Look at Future Potential not Past Volume

The best salespeople spend the most time with the highest potential customers and prospects.  In order to consistently do so, they need a system for classifying customers and prospects into categories based on potential – ABC.  The “A” customers are the highest potential 20 percent of their account base.  The “C” customers are the lowest potential 30 – 50 percent, and the “Bs” are everyone who is left in the middle.

Note that the discriminating characteristic is “potential.”  So many salespeople erroneously categorize their accounts based on the quantity of their purchases.  Thus, the A accounts are those who bought the most last year.  But that view is historic – who bought the most last year.  In our rapidly changing economy, that historic basis for investing your sales time is misleading.  The issue is not who bought the most last year.  It is far more effective to determine who could buy the most this year.

The best salespeople understand this, and develop a systematic way of determining the potential in each account.  Having a defendable basis for their decisions, they are then free to invest their time where it will get the best results – one of the hallmarks of the high-achieving salesperson.

This may seem so simple and common sense, yet the vast majority of sales people don’t have the discipline to adhere to a methodical system.  Those who do can see a transformational change in their results.

The best place to visit in order to dig deeper into this best practice is chapter six of my book, Ten Secrets of Time Management for Salespeople.  Visit for additional resources.

If you prefer a multi-media training program, consider Pod-138 and 139 in The Sales Resource Center®.

Best Value in CRM Software

Qualities of ServiceIf you are a small to mid-size business looking for CRM software you probably have one business objective in mind and that is to find:  (1) a stable and quality company,  (2) a top rated product that will meet your requirements and  (3) a firm that will provide you with world class customer service.

There are a plethora of CRM solution providers to choose from, but very few that meet all three criteria. There is one company however that has consistently risen to the top in all three areas.  That company and product is Commence.  Outlined below are some of the reasons customers say they chose Commence CRM for their business.

The Company

  • High quality company in business for 24 years
  • Successfully implemented several thousand CRM installations
  • Serving customers in 30 unique industries in 19 countries around the world
  • Consistently enhance their products year after year for over two decades, protecting  customers’ investment
Match this against other companies you may be considering

The Product

Commence CRM offers a comprehensive application suite with functionality traditionally found only in higher end more costly solutions

  • Frequently listed as a Top 10 CRM solution for small to mid-size enterprises
  • Customizable without programmer intervention
  • Modular in design, allowing you to start small and add functionality at any time
  • Affordable and less expensive than competitive alternatives offering similar functionality
 Match the product’s functionality against other products you may be considering

Customer Service

  • Commence has a staff of highly skilled professionals with experience in sales, marketing and customer support
  • An account manager is assigned to every customer
  • Trained service and support personnel answer the phone when customers call
  • Free self-service training and educational materials are available 24/7 directly from the website
  • Commence secures your data with the # 1 application service provider in the industry
Match this level of service to what other vendors may be offering

We suggest you match our company, our product and our level of service against other solution providers you may be considering and take a moment to see what our customers say about Commence CRM.  Click here for more customer testimonials.

Image “Qualities of Service” by Mike Costello on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

4 Reasons Why [CRM] Software Purchases Fail

Joe Stangarone, of mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog, gives some great advice about how to avoid being in a “blame” meeting for a failed IT project or failed software purchase:

Have you ever been in a “blame” meeting? It’s one of those meetings called when numbers are down or after a project or purchase failed miserably. As you might guess, there’s a lot of finger pointing and blame spreading. Not only are these meetings painful, they are completely unproductive. Since everyone is too busy deflecting blame, no one learns from their mistakes.

This article has some good advice and mirrors the points we have discussed on our blog many times, about how we help customers have successful CRM software implementations. It all depends on the people, training, process, and commitment that you make to your new CRM solution. And Commence has great experience in helping companies do this successfully.