Commence Addresses Gap in Mac CRM Software

A few years ago you would have never thought that the Apple Mac would become so popular as an alternative for automating and managing business processes.  The PC owned the desktop for more than two decades, but that was then and now is now.

The one concern that does exist is that the number of business applications designed specifically for the Mac is far less than for the PC and in some areas there is a large gap.  One business segment that has experienced this is the CRM or Customer Relationship Management sector.  While there are some programs that support the Mac, they require additional add-on or plug-in software which is often more costly and can be problematic.

Commence Corporation is one firm that has addressed this need with a CRM solution that runs natively on the Mac. This means there is no add-on or plug-in software required to utilize the program.  Commence CRM even integrates with e-mail on the Mac which is one of the most sought after integrations when using CRM software. Another key feature that has made Commence CRM a popular choice for Apple Mac users is that Commence operates in a mixed environment, on both Mac and PC.  It’s quite common to see a combination of PC and Mac in small to mid-size businesses today and Commence has got it covered.  If you have a 100% Apple Mac environment or a combination of Mac and PC take a look at Commence CRM.

Apple Mac Users Recommend Commence Online CRM


CRM for Mac

Users of Apple Mac computers have had difficulty finding customer management software designed to operate specifically on the Mac platform.  Some vendors indicated that they could operate on the Mac, but required plug-in software or add-on components that added complexity and caused reliability concerns for Mac users. While more options have become available, internet bloggers and customer forums are recommending an online CRM software program from Commence Corporation that not only offers robust functionality, but operates natively with the platform.  Commence CRM also integrates with e-mail for the MAC allowing Mac users to continue to use the e-mail environment they are accustomed to.

Commence is a top rated CRM solution for small to mid-size businesses that operates via any internet browser and as such does not require any add on software or plug-in components. Commence also offers Mac users the freedom of choice to start small with basic account and contact management. Users can add sales, lead management, marketing or customer service applications at any time during their annual agreement.

The positive recommendations for Commence CRM are based on the company’s 24 years in business, strong customer references and flexible CRM pricing which ranges from $5 to $60 per user per month.  Customers say that in addition to comprehensive functionality, Commence CRM has an intuitive user interface which makes the product easy to use and easy to navigate.