Hosted CRM Offers Exceptional Value for Small Business

Small to mid-sized businesses have experienced a significant change to their IT environment over the past few years.  Outsourced IT consultants replaced in-house IT staff that once managed and maintained desktop software.  Now a new technology known as hosting is replacing these consultants.

For several years, Commence Corporation has offered web based hosting services for their CRM software and continues to see strong interest from existing and new customers.  “Many of our customers have highly customized business applications that they rely on every day to run their business,” says Todd Pape, Chief Information Officer at Commence.  “The challenge is that they no longer have the resources to manage and maintain the infrastructure.  We are able to offer substantial benefits and overall cost savings by taking their applications and hosting them in the cloud.”

A hosted CRM system includes:

  • No large upfront cost for hardware and software
  • No IT staff required to manage and maintain the IT infrastructure
  • Customer can focus 100 percent of their time in running their business
  • Immediate access to additional computing resources
  • Updates and enhancements implemented as part of the hosting service
  • Customer support 24/7 as part of the service
  • Mobile access from any device

Commence CRM’s web hosting service places the responsibility of managing and maintaining your IT hardware and software environment with professional engineers, at a fraction of the cost of doing this yourself.  “It’s clear that CRM cloud based hosting services will continue long into the future,” says Pape.

Commence Adding Staff to Support Growth in Managed Services

If you have been using Commence RM desktop software, you appreciate how quickly and efficiently you can modify the applications to meet unique and challenging business requirements.


Despite the intense level of competition that has entered the market, Commence RM is still highly regarded as one of the most customizable and affordable CRM solutions available for automating internal business processes. Our new mobile add-on iCommence now offers even more value to this top rated solution.

The economic environment over the past few years has placed significant challenges upon small to mid-size businesses. Some no longer have the internal staff to manage and maintain their system while others that relied on third party companies no longer have that option. This has resulted in a significant increase in the need for managed services whereby Commence Corporation is engaged in managing, maintaining, and customizing the software for our clients. It’s a program that is delivering exceptional value to customers at a fraction of the cost of internal staff or third party resources. In order to meet the increasing demand for services Commence is adding staff to our professional services and engineering team.

While some customers wish to have their entire system managed and maintained by Commence engineers, others are taking advantage of our development services to modify, enhance, and integrate their current Commence system. Customers have found that they can realize substantial value from these additional services at a reasonable cost and like the comfort of working directly with the Commence engineering team.

Our business objective is to ensure you realize the maximum value from our CRM solution, and that we enjoy a mutually rewarding business relationship for years to come. If you are considering managed services or are in need of even the smallest of services to enhance your Commence system, call us at 732-266-6362 and see how we can assist you in meeting your objective. You’ll be glad you did.

Commence Debuts iCommence

Commence Corporation announced the launch of “iCommence” a web front end for the company’s popular desktop CRM software. Learn how you can access your Commence CRM database anytime and anywhere, using any device – a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone. Click here for further information.

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Commence Helps Desktop Customers Migrate to Hosted CRM Service

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Helping our Business Customers

Commence Corporation, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), is offering traditional desktop CRM customers the option to migrate to the company’s new online CRM hosted service.  “The economic environment has hit many small to mid-size businesses very hard” says Todd Pape, Chief Information Officer at Commence.  Many are working with dated hardware and software and no longer have the staff to maintain their internal infrastructure.  Commence is offering them an opportunity to migrate to one of two deployment options that have been designed to reduce the requirement of internal staff along with the cost  of maintaining their inhouse CRM system.”

“First is our hosted CRM service which enables them to maintain their desktop software, but have the server component managed and maintained by Commence’s professional engineers at our data center.  This enables the customer to focus 100 percent of their time in managing and growing their business. For those customers interested in cloud computing, they can have their CRM online and completely alleviate the requirement for new hardware or software.  The cloud based CRM system offers anytime anywhere access and full mobile support. “

“Customers truly appreciate the options offered by Commence” stated Denis Moran, president of Istri – a reseller of Commence products in Europe. “No one wants to change CRM vendors especially when they are pleased with the product and service they have received over the years”.   For more information about how Commence can help you migrate to a hosted or online CRM environment, visit the company’s web site at

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