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Sell More, Sell More NOW

Give your sales team the tools they need to properly qualify leads and manage the sales cycle from introduction to closure. Use Commence Sales to implement a proven sales methodology, monitor sales activity, manage every new opportunity, improve sales forecast accuracy and deliver the bottom line results you need to boost sales performance. Full mobile access, anytime and anywhere from any device.

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Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns that Generate Leads and Build Brand Recognition

Create targeted marketing campaigns that drive high quality traffic, increase industry exposure, help cross sell products to existing customers and build awareness. Use these campaigns for social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Analytical reports illustrate where leads are coming from ……

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Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

We’ve got the secret formula for making customer satisfaction easy. Commence will provide you with a fast path to better customer service enabling you to manage all facets of customer interaction from ticket management and RMA’s, to customer self-service such as a knowledgebase and FAQ. With Commence you will improve the customer buying experience, increase loyalty and turn your customers into evangelist.

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Simple Project Management

Manage any project anywhere. Simple, easy to use tool for managing tasks, files, resources, and expenses. Properly plan, schedule and control cost. Generate project progress reports. Stay connected. Real time collaboration from any device lets you efficiently manage and deliver projects on time and on budget. Fully integrated with other CRM applications provides insight into customer’s sales and service history.

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Commence CRM offers a fast, efficient, easy to use, affordable cloud-based CRM software solution for managing customer relationships. A comprehensive suite of business applications for; contact management, lead management, sales opportunity management, activity management, marketing campaign management, help desk or customer service and project management enable Commence customers to share vital customer information throughout their organization resulting in improved business performance. Complementing this top rated CRM software is a set of best practices that ensure the proper implementation and use of the product, resulting in a significant return on investment for Commence customers.

Businesses that have implemented Commence’s web CRM software have reported an increase in sales revenue of 14 to 21% in the first 9 month of utilization.

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