Commence Desktop

Streamlining Your Business is Our Business

Create Custom Business Solutions

Flexible and Completely Customizable

Use Commence to manage customer data, track sales, and assets, create invoices, manage projects, meetings and events, schedule resources, monitor expenses, time and billing, case management, share calendars and manage contracts. Flexible design tools enable you to quickly create and modify screen layouts and data entry forms, add custom fields, edit views, generate ad hoc reports or design new functionality. With Commence it’s fast and easy with no programming required.

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Add Business Logic and Rules

Data and Workflow Driven

Commence is ideal for managing customers, people, projects, tasks, sharing and integrating data. An intuitive user interface will wizards will help speed development while a robust workflow engine will enable you to automate workflow process and schedules, program repetitive tasks, implement role based permissions, add business logic or build complex reports.

Commence is extraordinarily flexible and will enable you to work faster and smarter. Don’t compromise your requirements by getting boxed into a corner with a one size fits all solution. You need the flexibility of Commence.

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Use On-Premise or in the Cloud

Freedom of Choice

With Commence you have the “freedom of choice” to deploy yoursystem at your facility or in the cloud. Manage it yourself, it’s easy or if you prefer, use our cloud hosting services and let our enginneering team manage and maintain your system while you focus on growing your business.

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Work On-line or Off-line

Anytime, Anywhere access

You don’t have to worry about an internet connection with Commence. Whether you are on an airplane or at the beach you can stay connected with the home office. If you have an internet connection you can use iCommence, our mobile capability to view, update or edit information from any device including an Apple Mac, tablet or smartphone. It’s perfect for people on the go or that remote sales team that needs access to calendar, leads or sales opportunities from outside the home office.

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Whether you need a simple desktop database, a departmental solution or an enterprise system, Commence desktop CRM will enable you to create and deploy unique business solutions in a fraction of the time and cost of other alternatives. This powerful customer management software consists of a suite of business applications complemented by a set of tools that enable the customization of the “out-of-box” applications or the creation of new ones. It’s fast, efficient and affordable making Commence the product of choice among IT Professionals.

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