Freedom of Choice Continues to Drive Sales of Commence CRM

The Customer Relationship Management or CRM software sector is perhaps one of the fastest growing segments of the computer software industry.  Vendors are popping up everywhere with low cost out of the box web based offerings that are sold under a monthly service fee. successfully pioneered this approach so naturally others are following, but is a hosted web based CRM solution right for everyone?

Commence Corporation, a company with a 23 year track record in the CRM sector says no, and has the facts to back it up. Commence is one of the few companies that offers customers the freedom of choice to deploy their CRM on premise or on-demand.  “We have no axe to grind” says Todd Pape, Chief Technology Officer at Commence.  “One of the things that truly differentiate Commence is that we take the time to understand the customer’s business objectives, their functional requirements and current IT infrastructure. We then recommend the platform that is best suited for their business, whether it be hosted or on-premise.  This flexibility coupled with the level of service we provide in assisting customers select the appropriate platform for their business is driving higher sales of Commence for both our web based CRM and on-premise offering. We do find that many mid-market or small enterprise organizations prefer an on-premise solution” continued Pape, “which is not offered by competitors like”

“The smaller firms with limited IT resources prefer our hosted web based CRM platform because there is nothing for them to manage or maintain”.  For more information about Commence CRM and the company’s flexible platform alternatives visit

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