Web Based CRM Software Makes Good Sense for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Businessman Showing Cloud Computing by pakorn/FreeDigitalPhotos.netDoes this sound familiar? As an executive of a small to mid-size business you have your hands full just trying to manage the operations of your company every day.  You used to have an IT person that dealt with hardware and software issues, but due to the current economic environment they are no longer there.  Your server hardware has been running fine for some time, but it’s old and needs to be replaced.   Even your PCs are now dated and you know you have to do something and soon.  Replacing all this hardware and upgrading your current software is an arduous and costly task and you may have to engage the services of a third party to do it, but perhaps there is an alternative.

The Internet has not only become a medium for selling your products and services but in fact a platform for managing your hardware and software.  Companies like Amazon.com and Rackspace are two examples of third party services that enable you to take the burden of buying and managing hardware and place it on their cloud or web based computing environment.  There are dozens more companies offering similar services.

In the world of software, there are web based CRM software applications that operate online and in the cloud.  What does this all mean?   It means that you can now partner with a company like Commence Corporation to provide you with the CRM software and the server hardware, and have them manage and maintain your system 24/7 while you focus your time on growing your business.  Moving your IT systems and software to the web makes good sense for small to mid-size businesses for the following reasons.  First, the companies that provide this service are very good at what they do and will provide you with an IT environment that you could never afford to have as a small business.  Secondly, outsourcing your IT hardware and software is extremely affordable.

Image “Businessman Showing Cloud Computing” courtesy of pakorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Do I Need a New Email Address with Web Based CRM?

Are you avoiding web based CRM because you assume that you will have to start a new email account? Perhaps you know people who had to do this with the web CRM they started using. The thought of changing over to a new email address is probably similar to listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. Is it really worth the trouble? There is also the risk of losing contacts through the transition. Here at Commence, we have a solution!

Enjoy Sales Software, and Keep Your Current Email Address

One of the reasons why we are rated as the best Salesforce CRM competition is because we enable you to integrate your email with our web based CRM software.  Here at Commence, we understand that as a small business owner, you are busy all day long. You are handling work that several employees would likely be responsible for in a larger corporation. Therefore, our main priority was to create a product that would not consume your valuable time. Email integration is one of the most thoughtful features you will find in our CRM product.

Why Our Web Based CRM is Preferred by Small Business Owners

Founded in 1988, Commence has become recognized as a leading web based CRM for a long list of reasons. To begin with, we had our focus on the small to medium-sized business owner throughout the creation of this CRM software. Our goal was never to take over the market with a solution for large corporations. We appreciate that small  business owners work a lot and sleep very little, so we wanted to incorporate features that would make their lives easier. Just a few of these are email and QuickBooks integration and the ability to use the software in a mixed environment with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, and mobile devices.

Commence is a Leading Web Based CRM Solution

If you ask 100 different people why they recommend our web based CRM, you probably will get a different answer from everyone. Some will appreciate how simple it is to access from anywhere, including their cellphone during meetings on the golf course, while others are just thrilled that they can finally manage leads in a more effective way.

You will find that although the features Commence offers seems to be never-ending, you will appreciate that none of them are overwhelming. Whether you want to be able to capture the service history of every customer or analyze your marketing campaigns, you can do it all, with Commence.

The Time to Upgrade to a Web based CRM is Now

If your business is still using a paper-based customer management system, now is the time to upgrade to a web based CRM. Making this switch has benefits for your company across the board: for starters, it makes it much easier to access and store customer information. Paper records are cumbersome to keep and take up valuable office space. They are vulnerable to loss and misfiling, and are impossible to access unless you are physically in the building.

Once you migrate to a web based solution, you can access your CRM online from anywhere and get the data you need at any time of day. Furthermore, keeping paper records is expensive – you spend money on the paper itself, on ink cartridges, on printing equipment, storage equipment, storage space – making the switch to using CRM software is an initial expense that pays for itself in the long run. Not only that, but sticking to a paper based system looks outdated and unprofessional, sending the wrong message to your clientele about you business’ capabilities. The time to switch to a modern customer management system is now.

Are There Benefits to Using Web Based CRM Software?

Most business owners find themselves going back and forth, trying to decide between on-premise and web based CRM software. If you have found yourself at this crossroad, you probably have a lot of questions. Chances are good that you are comfortable and familiar with traditional CRM programs that are stored on your computer’s hard drive so it is difficult to even entertain the idea of trying something that does not seem so secure.

Why Choose Web Based CRM Software?

What few people fail to realize is that on-premise software is not safe or reliable. Computers can crash or get stolen and hackers can access your valuable information. How is this secure? Many are nervous to try web based CRM software because it is new to them or they don’t understand how it works. Change can be scary.

When your information is stored on the web with Commence, it is a lot more secure than on your hard drive. Not only that, you can access it from anywhere, as can partners or employees you grant permission to. Extensive operational investments are never needed to maintain the infrastructure, thereby saving you money.

Plus, you can eliminate the use of other programs taking up hard drive space because Commence has everything that you need, including email and QuickBooks integration.

Web CRM Organizes and Secures Your Business Contact Information

A web CRM makes organization easier

With a web CRM your company will be more organized. Having all the contact information for every client or customer as well as any communication that has taken place between the client in one place can save a lot of time instead of searching in emails and notes on your desk. It will also make it easier for when customer service representatives have to deal with a customer on the phone. They will be able to look up what the issue was and then assign the problem to the person who is going to fix it. You can also keep track of when things are getting done, who they are getting done by and more.

Your web CRM security settings

Setting up security settings is important for your web based CRM. Since it has important company data you may not want to give everyone in the company access to everything, but you do want to make sure that whoever needs to have access to the data has access to the information they need to do their job. You can set up security settings based on job description or individual so everyone can have the exact access they need. Visit Commence.com to learn more about CRM security settings and to find a CRM system that will work for your business.

Web Based CRM Imports Leads and Emails Quotes

Manage your sales processes with your web based CRM

Sales can be the backbone of your business so it’s important that you make sure your sales team has a place where all the information can go and can be used throughout the entire sales process. The sales part of your web based CRM allows you to manage the entire cycle from importing leads to emailing quotes to closing out the sale. Schedule all your appointments, activities and to dos so you can keep track of your many sales opportunities. You can also be sure to maintain the entire sales cycle history so there is, in essence, a paper trail of all the meetings, calls and emails. Not only will your CRM software allow you to manage the entire cycle but you can be sure you are on the right track with your sales with powerful sales reporting features.

Get started today with a web based CRM

It’s easy to get started with your web based CRM software. You can import data that you already have so there is no need to re-type or re-enter data again and risk errors. Visit Commence.com to learn more and to find a CRM system for your business.

Web CRM Improves the Customer Experience

Improve your customer’s experience with a web CRM

A web CRM will improve your customer’s experience by helping you deliver world class customer service. By delivering great customer service your customers will be happy and will continue doing business with you. Make sure customer requests can get done with a ticket management system where you can assign issues to any person in the company that needs to solve the problem and can communicate across departments. If an issue or project needs to be worked on with multiple departments you can have one central place to efficiently manage the project that everyone can access. Set up a customer portal where you can provide customers self-service options so they can get answers to questions and see any reports or information that you need to provide to them. Use a PC or Mac so that everyone can have access to the CRM and make sure to make clients happy.

Marketing Campaigns with your web CRM

Not only can you make existing clients happy with your web CRM software but you can also try to get some new ones. Create targeted automated marketing campaigns, keep track of marketing budgets and more. Visit Commence.com to learn more about marketing CRM software.

Web Based CRM Manages the Entire Sales Cycle

Take advantages of sales opportunities with the help of web based CRM

Taking advantage of the sales opportunities that are in front of you is what makes a great business. In order to stay organized and take advantage of all your opportunities try a web based CRM. A web based CRM will allow you to manage the entire sales cycle, including lead management. This way you can make sure all your leads are in one place, assign them to the appropriate sales person and make sure that they get turned into sales. Record the customer interactions throughout the sales cycle, including history and documents, so there is always a paper trail to refer back to. View the pre-built sales reports to make sure sales are on the right track and you are taking advantage of opportunities or custom build your own reports to give an overview of your business. Visit Commence.com to learn more about using the online CRM software to make sure you take advantage of every sales opportunity.

A Web Based CRM can help office productivity

You can access your web based CRM software from anywhere that has internet access. Therefore, if you are on the go you can still make sure you have all the information you need for a meeting or can add in a quick note before you get back to the office. With everything you need in one screen you aren’t constantly switching screens, which increases productivity.

Web CRM for Increased Sales

How Web CRM increases sales

Your web CRM is beneficial to sales in a number of different ways. Leads are an easy way to make sales and with the CRM you can import leads from multiple sources, including your website, so you always have some new leads to focus on. The leads can be segmented based on specific categories and then they can be assigned to the appropriate sales representative. Once the leads are organized, you can use the CRM to manage the complete sales cycle. Use it to record all interactions you have with your prospective customers, including emails and documents. This is helpful especially once the prospect becomes one of your clients so you can go back and see what they were promised. You can use the CRM to stay organized and create a workflow process where you can ensure that you never miss an appointment and never miss a sales opportunity. Keep tabs on the sales process with reports that can be easily generated with just a few clicks in the CRM.

Making web CRM work for your business

Customizing your web CRM software will allow you to make it work perfectly for your business. Many CRM companies have customizable options so you aren’t paying for features you won’t use. Visit Commence.com to learn more about finding the best CRM for your business.