Mobile CRM Management – Access Your Data Anywhere

Why should you have to rush to a computer to access valuable customer information when you need it? Most people in business are always on the go and rely on their smartphone for everything; so why wouldn’t we offer mobile CRM management?

Not every CRM software provider finds this to be important, but here at Commence, we do! We understand that your time and customers are extremely valuable so you should be able to take care of business from wherever you happen to be.

An Overview of Our Mobile CRM Management

If you think that mobile CRM management is going to be confusing, think again. We have designed it to be  just as user-friendly as looking up the information on your computer.

We empower you to view your contacts, calendar, accounts, sales opportunities and more. It can be used on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile so it is as versatile as you need it to be. And even tablet CRM users are not left out, with our support for both Apple iPad and Android tablets such as the Kindle or Nook.

By having access to your valuable information at the very minute you need it, you are able to better manage your customers and maximize productivity of your entire staff, even while you’re out on the back nine, trying to make par.

CRM Management

Learning CRM management

Managing your CRM system is an important part in making sure the CRM system you choose will work for you. In order to understand your CRM system so you can have proper CRM management, take advantage of training sessions and webinars that are offered. They will usually come with your CRM package and are a great way to understand everything your CRM system can do for you. This way you can take advantage of everything you are paying for. An online CRM system should come with support so you know that your data is properly maintained and managed. Visit to learn more about training webinars and global support for your CRM system.

CRM Management for employees

It’s important that the managment team in the company know the CRM system and CRM management but it’s also necessary for employees to learn what to use it for and how best to use it so the system is effective for your business. You can either put them though the same training you went through or come up with your own CRM training program specific to your company so they know how to use the system in a way that is effective for the specific policies you have set forth. Learn more about CRM training at

CRM Management

CRM Management made easy

You want to make your CRM management easy by finding a system that is easy to use. The most important thing of a CRM system is that it gets used. If no one in your company is using the software correctly it defeats the purpose. In order to get your employees to use the software make sure they understand the value of it. It’s an added benefit if the program is easy to use. At you can find easy to use CRM software that can be customized for your business to only include the features you need. Having only the features your business will use will make the software easier for your employees to learn and understand.

CRM Management for keeping customers

If you manage your CRM correctly you will be able to use it to keep more customers. Keeping your customers is a lot easier then trying to find new customers especially in today’s economy. Once you have proper CRM management and are doing well to keep your existing clients you can then use the CRM features to focus on marketing efforts.  Once you know your existing client base you can be better able to connect with new customers.