We Are One of the Top Salesforce Competitors

You have likely sat in a busy café next to a table of business people who clearly work for a large corporation, and heard them mention CRM management and Salesforce in the same conversation. They sounded thrilled and appreciative of the features, so you started wondering if this would be something that would help your small business. Would it help you stay in control of your business and assist you in keeping organized? Chances are very good that you went home and browsed the Internet for Salesforce, but all that excitement faded away when you saw the price. There is no way the cost is practical for a small business.

Explore Salesforce Competitors

The reason these business people sounded so excited about Salesforce is because it really is a good product that serves the needs of their large company. However, you don’t need such a complex product for a small business – you should be exploring Salesforce competitors.

Commence is considered a top competitor because we offer everything you need to take your business to the next level – at a fraction of the price you would pay for Salesforce. Our customer software even allows you to manage projects, leads, marketing, reports and so much more!

Sales Management Software for the Small Business Owner

If you are like most other small business owners, your work day begins the minute you get out of bed and make that first phone call, and often does not end until late in the evening — and you would not have it any other way! There is nothing more rewarding than running your own business, no matter how hard you have to work. That being said, just because you are not scared of hard work, does not mean you won’t appreciate how helpful sales management software can be.

How Much Does Salesforce.com Cost?

You have probably heard of Salesforce.com CRM, but found yourself surprised and discouraged at the expensive price. You might even assume that all Salesforce competitors will cost a similar amount, but this is not true.

Some Salesforce users pay $250 per month, but this does not meant that you have to somehow squeeze such a huge expense into your budget. Commence offers a CRM management system that is affordable, yet thoughtfully created to accommodate the needs of a small business owner.

Why Small Businesses Choose Our CRM Management Software

Although CRM management software may sound complicated to use, it is actually quite simple, when you choose the right product. The latest technology makes it user-friendly for even those who are not even all that computer savvy. Drag and drop features, colorful interfaces and easy to understand reporting are reasons why even those who have long kept hand-written ledgers or are using email and Excel spreadsheets are switching to small business CRM software.

We Provide Exceptional Customer Support

Intimidation is one of the main reasons why many people have stayed clear of CRM solutions. Then, when they realize how easy our interface is with Commence CRM, they can’t believe they waited so long to try it.

Our customer support is one of the main reasons that put us ahead of other CRM competitors. We are available online and on the telephone and provide web-based training, which includes training videos you can access whenever they are needed. We also provide many other professional services, such as customization, data migration and third party system integration.

CRM Management Tolls to Drive Customer Service

Customer loyalty is a vital ingredient in any successful business, which is why it is important to build a customer management system that will help you achieve your goals and increase customer support quality. Commence provides you with the CRM management tools to support your customer service team so that you can keep track of customer issues and inquiries. Get immediate access to client records so that you can capture their information and manage all activities related to their account. It is important that you quickly and accurately resolve support requests and service tickets so that your customers remain happy. Added customer loyalty means more repeat business and a better reputation for your company.

See a CRM Management Demo Online

To see the different ways that CRM management tools can benefit your business sign up for a demonstration by Commence. Contact a representative to get started so you can begin the process of improving your customer management and support strategies.

CRM Management

Learning CRM management

Managing your CRM system is an important part in making sure the CRM system you choose will work for you. In order to understand your CRM system so you can have proper CRM management, take advantage of training sessions and webinars that are offered. They will usually come with your CRM package and are a great way to understand everything your CRM system can do for you. This way you can take advantage of everything you are paying for. An online CRM system should come with support so you know that your data is properly maintained and managed. Visit Commence.com to learn more about training webinars and global support for your CRM system.

CRM Management for employees

It’s important that the managment team in the company know the CRM system and CRM management but it’s also necessary for employees to learn what to use it for and how best to use it so the system is effective for your business. You can either put them though the same training you went through or come up with your own CRM training program specific to your company so they know how to use the system in a way that is effective for the specific policies you have set forth. Learn more about CRM training at Commence.com.

CRM Management

CRM Management made easy

You want to make your CRM management easy by finding a system that is easy to use. The most important thing of a CRM system is that it gets used. If no one in your company is using the software correctly it defeats the purpose. In order to get your employees to use the software make sure they understand the value of it. It’s an added benefit if the program is easy to use. At Commence.com you can find easy to use CRM software that can be customized for your business to only include the features you need. Having only the features your business will use will make the software easier for your employees to learn and understand.

CRM Management for keeping customers

If you manage your CRM correctly you will be able to use it to keep more customers. Keeping your customers is a lot easier then trying to find new customers especially in today’s economy. Once you have proper CRM management and are doing well to keep your existing clients you can then use the CRM features to focus on marketing efforts.  Once you know your existing client base you can be better able to connect with new customers.

CRM Management

Your staff and CRM Management

In order for your CRM system to work effectively you must talk to your staff about the new policies and how they should use the CRM system. Your staff needs to know that the CRM system is the best thing for the business and that it will benefit them as well. If your staff doesn’t understand the importance of the change then they may not be as likely to use it and you won’t get the most benefit from it. Management will need to decide what the CRM system will be best used for and how employees should be utilizing it. Training may need to be provided to staff to make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows how the CRM system will be used to help the business grow. CRM management is an important part of making your CRM system work. If management is working, then you will be able to see the results the CRM system will give you.

CRM Management made easy

As long as your staff knows about the CRM system and how it will help the business, CRM management should go smoothly. Visit Commence.com to find CRM options that can help improve your business.

CRM Management

Management of a CRM system

When you get your CRM system you need to know how to use it and what will be happening when it comes to CRM management. Having a checklist may help you. Make sure everyone knows what information is supposed to go into the CRM, how to use the CRM and other important things. You might want to have some sort of way of seeing if your CRM system is successful. This could vary greatly depending on how your business uses the system. Not every company has a metric in place for determining success and many companies use it blindly.  If you want to know if it’s working talking a plan over with your executives might be useful to you. Make sure the people you use the CRM understand the importance of it so they actually use it correctly and there aren’t any problems when switching over.

CRM Management Help

If you are having trouble with your CRM management, contact the company you bought it from. They may be of some assistance if you have specific questions. Commence has a variety of CRM products to choose from. You can also get support if you have any troubles after purchasing the software.

CRM Management

Streamline your CRM Management

Efficient management of customer relationships is essential if a business is to keep repeat customers or clients satisfied, and a streamlined CRM software application can provide the required efficiency. A CRM management package that includes a range of features can serve a number of purposes, from handling customer support to conducting marketing campaigns, as a system that has incorporated mass email features makes it easy to copy contact information from a database to the address field when creating emails.

Take a New CRM Management System for a Trial Run

If you are reluctant to invest in a new CRM management system without trying it out first, you can request a free trial which will enable you to experience some of the features of a CRM software package. This should help you determine whether a potential new piece of software will meet the needs of your business. You can also choose between an on-premise CRM software package and a convenient web-based cloud CRM platform.

Online CRM or On Premise, Commence Helps you Choose

Selecting a CRM solution is a big decision and many small to mid-size companies are having difficulty determining whether they are better served with a hosted online CRM solution or an on premise one.  In addition, these businesses tend to focus too much of their energy on features functions and price and not enough on deployment.  As a result, many simply select a low cost CRM solution over the Internet and quickly become frustrated when it does not meet their expectations.

Commence Corporation does not believe CRM software should be purchased via a credit card over the Internet.  “We take the time to guide prospective customers though the different deployment options, i.e. hosted CRM or on-premise and point out the pros and cons of each offering.” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence.  “There is no right or wrong and since we offer both online and on premise CRM solutions we have no axe to grind and can ensure that customers make a decision best suited for their business,” he concluded.