Commence Makes Online CRM a Snap

You are looking for an online CRM solution but you are a bit concerned that the system you select will be easy to implement and easy to use. Commence Corporation shares your concern and has been providing easy to use affordable online CRM software solutions to small and mid-sized businesses for more than two decades.

What makes Commence CRM so easy?

  • It starts with a cloud based offering that requires no hardware and no software to implement. This enables you to get operational in no time and without any hardware or IT requirements.
  • Next is a series of online CRM training videos that instruct you how to enter customer information, create a lead, manage a sales opportunity or respond to a service ticket.
  • If you find yourself in a jam, an online help program is available right within the system with a click of a button.

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Customers marvel at the robust functionality and ease of use of Commence CRM. It’s not free, but for just a few dollars a month you have a top rated CRM system with world class customer service. Get a free trial copy and you will see what customers are raving about.

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Desktop CRM vs. CRM Online

During the past decade the CRM industry has seen a consistent migration from desktop CRM solutions to CRM online. There are several technology and business changes that are driving this migration beginning with the growth of the mobile workforce. The economy has created an environment that often includes sales and service personnel who work from remote or home offices. In addition, many of these people travel quite a bit and require access to customer data while on the road. They are not tethered to a desktop PC like office personnel and as such, access to customer data can be very difficult.

Another challenge facing companies today is a lack of standardization. Unlike years ago where people standardized on desktop PCs running a Microsoft operating system, today’s workforce may be using Apple Macs, tablets or smartphones like an iPhone or Android device. New devices are entering the market every six months and people simply expect that they can use these devices to access their data. It’s not an unreasonable request but it’s much more difficult to achieve with desktop software than with CRM online systems that are designed to support remote data access.

Is desktop CRM dead? Of course not, because not every company has remote employees or requires remote access. In addition, many desktop database applications have been tailored to meet unique business requirements that CRM online solutions do not provide without additional programming. As the industry continues to evolve and new mobile devices enter the market it does appear that CRM online software programs will continue to be the solution of choice into the future.

Is CRM for Mac and iPhone Available for My Small Business?

Contrary to what many believe, you do not need to operate a major corporation to have access to CRM for Mac and iPhone. Also, you do not need to choose CRM software designed for the needs of a huge company, and then try to tweak it to fit your needs, either. Sadly, many small business owners find out — the hard way — that this never works as planned, so a lot of money and time is wasted. There is an easier way.

We Have CRM for Mac and iPhone for You

Here at Commence, we understand that small business owners are naturally drawn to Apple products, for a long list of reasons. This is why we have designed a CRM for Mac and iPhone that strictly meets the demands of a busy professional who probably works way more than anyone should rightfully have to.

We have created customer relationship software that is effective, affordable and user-friendly. After all, if you have to struggle to make it work, it will likely become a waste. Plus, our software works on mixed platforms. Therefore, if you need to access your cloud CRM on a friend’s PC or phone, for some reason, and it is not an Apple product, you still can.

CRM Online for Small Businesses

If you are the owner or operator of a small business, you’ve probably wondered if you really need customer management software – after all, you’ve gotten this far by relying on your current system. Well, CRM software might be the missing ingredient to helping you grow your business, streamline your workflow, and making your hectic life a little bit easier.

The most important aspect of any business is your customers, and a CRM will help you manage your customers contact information so that there’s no searching for their phone numbers or email addresses, you have it all in one place. It also allows you to record information such as contact times and dates and any notes or other information you need to access.

Another major benefit of adopting a CRM is that it makes sharing information amongst your employees much easier. A CRM online allows for remote access at all hours, so that you and your employees can work from home, work at night, or just save yourselves the trip to the main office to retrieve data. A CRM is an investment that can seem intimidating to a lot of small business owners that don’t have any resources to waste on unnecessary items, however it will pay for itself within a matter of months, and your life and the life of your employees will be better for it.

The Time to Upgrade to a Web based CRM is Now

If your business is still using a paper-based customer management system, now is the time to upgrade to a web based CRM. Making this switch has benefits for your company across the board: for starters, it makes it much easier to access and store customer information. Paper records are cumbersome to keep and take up valuable office space. They are vulnerable to loss and misfiling, and are impossible to access unless you are physically in the building.

Once you migrate to a web based solution, you can access your CRM online from anywhere and get the data you need at any time of day. Furthermore, keeping paper records is expensive – you spend money on the paper itself, on ink cartridges, on printing equipment, storage equipment, storage space – making the switch to using CRM software is an initial expense that pays for itself in the long run. Not only that, but sticking to a paper based system looks outdated and unprofessional, sending the wrong message to your clientele about you business’ capabilities. The time to switch to a modern customer management system is now.

Why Choose Our Online CRM Software

It does not matter if you are a new or established business, online CRM software will strengthen your customer relationships and make your job a lot easier. Some established owners feel that this software is only for new businesses because they don’t even want to think about inputting all of their essential data again. Fortunately, our software at Commence integrates effortlessly; this even includes email and QuickBooks, and it also works with Apple Mac computers in a mixed environment.

Then, there are new business owners who assume they do not have a need for such software yet and figure they will get it later when they do need it.

All Businesses Can Benefit From Our Online CRM Software

Unlike many other software that are designed solely for the larger and established company, our online CRM software is designed to accommodate the needs of a large variety of businesses. It is a versatile platform that is easy to use, so you will not have to spend your entire weekend just trying to navigate your way around so you can make better use of your time come Monday morning.

How Will CRM Online Help My Business

You may think that the current system you use to manage your customers and other aspects of your business is getting you along just fine, but do you really want to be “fine?” CRM online allows you to integrate functional departments of your company with customer service and share data in real time. This means that any new development with a customer will always be current and available for the next person to review who is making contact.

CRM Online Makes Administrative Tasks Easier

Business owners and managers of small to medium-sized companies have a lot on their plate at all times. They often take on the responsibilities that several employees in a larger corporation would handle. Therefore, while they are interacting with customers, working on a marketing campaign and handling every other aspect of the business, paperwork often gets neglected until it turns into a monster swallowing the desk. CRM online eliminates the need for several programs or endless notepads. Plus, if you choose Commence, our product integrates with QuickBooks, so you can stay right in the same program, even if you are writing bills, processing payments or working on payroll.

Online CRM System

Everything else is online so get an online CRM System

Nowadays practically everything you need is online. You can get your calendar, email, and you can even make phone calls online. Most of the things aren’t just done online but can be done on your mobile phone so it makes sense that your CRM system, the hub of your business, should also be online. With an online CRM system not only will everything you need to run your business including sales data, customer information, email, to-do lists and much more all be in one place but you will also have it online so you can access it from anywhere. Get it on your work computer, your home computer and some applications on a mobile phone. It’s never been easier to run your business.

A simple online CRM System

CRM systems don’t have to be complicated. Even though CRM systems can come with lots of bells and whistles and have everything you need for your business you can always find different packages that will just get you what you need. It’s great for businesses since you only pay for what you need. Visit to learn more about an online CRM system for your business and the different features that are available.


CRM for a small business

It doesn’t matter what size business you have. Even if you have a small business you will still get a benefit of having a CRM software system. Small businesses are usually focused on marketing efforts in order to help their business grow. Even though these systems were first created as a way to manage contacts they have since grown to provide businesses with many useful features. The marketing feature helps small businesses the most. When your business maintains customer information such as purchase trends, you can determine which products do or do not sell. You can also determine what kinds of current customers are buying your products so you know what other groups to market to. With a CRM system you don’t have to have a full time IT staff that is available to maintain expensive software and hardware, which small businesses don’t have anyway. Since small businesses don’t have a lot of resources an online CRM system is best since it will be managed for you. It has it’s own CRM reporting features, is cost effective and convenient.

Tips for getting a CRM for a small business

Get a Customer Relationship Management CRM that can be customized and is online. Visit to learn more about these systems and see how they can improve your business.