New Jersey Technology Company Excels in CRM Software

New Jersey is not a state well known for technology companies, but one computer software company is making a name for itself in CRM software. Commence Corporation has been designing and deploying customer management solutions for small to mid-size business for more than two decades.

The company offers a comprehensive suite of software applications for contact management, sales, lead management, marketing campaign management, project management and customer service. The applications can be deployed on premises where they are managed and maintained by the customer, or operate in the cloud. In addition, Commence can be integrated with Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, Outlook and other e-mail clients such as Gmail. Mobile access to customer data is available from any device such as PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

The company’s target market is small to mid-size firms of 20 to 250 million dollars in revenue with unique requirements that cannot be met by traditional ‘one size fits all’ CRM solutions. Today several thousand businesses in more than a dozen countries around the world utilize Commence CRM to manage their customer relationships.

Account and Contact Management for Small Business

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Low Cost CRM Software Threatens Value of Quality CRM Offerings

Customer Relationship Management software is all about automating the process by which businesses market, sell and provide service to their customers.

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The objective is to capture, track, manage and share vital customer information with the people that require it to efficiently do their jobs resulting in improved business performance. It’s a business strategy that requires a comprehensive set of features coupled with the proper training and support from the CRM software provider. Anyone who thinks otherwise simply does not understand the true meaning and value of CRM.

CRM encompasses all front office business functions – contact and account management, sales, lead management, marketing, project management and customer service. Unfortunately the real value of CRM (and what many of the high quality solutions can do for your business) has been threatened by the introduction of a myriad of basic low cost CRM offerings that do little more than manage contacts and a sales forecast.

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CRM in the minds of many small to mid-size business executives has become a commodity offering differentiated not by its value, but instead by price. This has resulted in an exceptionally high failure rate, determined by the number of implementations and products that never get implemented or utilized.

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CRM is not an electronic appliance that you plug in the wall. As stated earlier, CRM is a business strategy that involves people, processes and technology. If you are not prepared to make an investment in a quality product and the customer support you will need to ensure a return on your investment, then wait until you are. Becoming a more efficient sales and service organization doesn’t come cheap, but anything of value never does.

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Journalists enamored with new Conversations feature in Commence CRM

Commence Corporation, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management software, has introduced a new internal communication feature called “Conversations” in the latest release of their CRM product. The uniqueness of this new functionality has caught the attention of industry journalists such as Network World who just awarded Commence CRM product of the week.

Part Twitter and part instant messaging, “Conversations” is changing the way people communicate within their organization. “E-mail and the telephone are no longer the most efficient vehicles for internal communication” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation. “People often direct calls to their voice mail if they are busy and may not be paying immediate attention to e-mail. Conversations, immediately alerts the recipient that they have a new message and displays it on the home page of the Commence CRM product. You can establish a group of people to communicate with or follow others’ correspondence like you would on Twitter.”

CRMBuyer recently highlighted the new release and this feature. It can be reviewed at

Conversations is the new internal chat tool in Commence CRM
Conversations is the new internal chat tool in Commence CRM

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Apple Mac Users Want CRM Too!

There is good news for Apple Mac users looking for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.   Commence Corporation offers a version of their online CRM software that operates natively on the Mac. This means there are no add-on or plug-in software components necessary for use with a Mac.  Commence also integrates with Mac mail allowing users to log e-mail directly into the Commence CRM system.

Commence is a robust CRM solution that is targeted at small to midsize enterprises.  The product offers a higher level of functionality and customizability than traditional lower cost CRM programs serving this sector.  Commence is also modular in nature so you can start small and add additional modules for Lead and Sales Management, Project Management, a Document Library and Help Desk. The comprehensive suite of modules ensures that customers will not outgrow the system.

Commence operates in a mixed environment of Mac and PC and provides mobile access via any device with an internet browser including the iPhone and iPad tablet. With more than twenty years of experience in delivering CRM solutions to the SME sector, Commence has become a trusted name in CRM.

What are the Three Most Popular CRM Systems?

If you are asking “What are the three most popular CRM systems?” then you are not alone. Nearly every business owner who learns about customer relationship management software is eager to get started with it. Of course, most aren’t prepared for the large number of CRM selections they need to choose between, which can be quite a confusing process, especially if you aren’t really even sure which CRM features you should be looking for.

Are You Asking “What are the Three Most Popular Systems?”

If you have found yourself asking “What are the three most popular CRM systems?” you will find this list quite helpful.

  • – This is very well-known software and it really does have some exceptional features. The problem is that it is designed for large corporations, so small to mid-sized business owners find themselves disappointed trying to use it.
  • SugarCRM – Again, here is a good option. The concern with SugarCRM is that it is missing a lot of key features that would make it a top-rated product, such as an integrated project management solution. Also, it is written in PHP, rather than Java, and the interface is not all that user-friendly.
  • Commence – If you have a small to mid-sized business, Commence is definitely for you. It is designed for the business owner who needs to work smarter, not harder. It is packed full of thoughtful features, and even lets you integrate your current email and QuickBooks.

Do I have to Buy a Separate Apple CRM Software for Mixed Environment

If you run a business with a mixed computer environment, you may be assuming that you can’t make use of customer relationship management software. After all, are you supposed to buy Apple CRM software and Windows software? How will the two integrate? Is integration even possible? Will you have to re-enter data in both platforms, and risk duplications and errors?

Our Apple CRM Software is Versatile

Before you assume that you just cannot make use of CRM in your mixed environment, you should know that there is a solution. Here at Commence, our Apple CRM software actually works with both platforms. Therefore there is no extra work required and no room for error due to repetitive data entry. It integrates flawlessly with the email of both platforms as well as QuickBooks, so you never have to go in and out of different programs throughout the day.

CRM Software

Customize your CRM Software

Customizing your CRM software will allow you to get the most out of your new software and only pay for the functions you need. Not all software can be easily customized so it’s important to find a software company that offers a modular CRM solution and gives you just the features you actually want and need. At Commence you can choose options to create you own CRM system. Commence offers you seven applications for a standard CRM price and then when you want more applications your price goes up from there. You can choose from modular CRM applications including project management, mobile, premium email, calendar, activity management and much more. Visit Commence today to learn more about customizable CRM systems.

Learning your CRM software

To learn how to use your CRM software there are plenty of training methods available. You can use free webinars and view everything from the comfort of your office with your own computer. If you can’t schedule in one of the webinars you can train on your time with CRM training videos that are easy to use and will help you get up to speed quickly on your new software. Once you learn the software it will be easy to become more productive.


What to Know About Inexpensive CRM Software

In order to get ahead in the business world you should implement some sort of customer relationship management software. For a small business you can get inexpensive CRM options but here is what you need to keep in mind when choosing.  Make sure it is customizable. You want it to work for the specific needs of your company. You want it to be easy to use. You don’t want your employees to have to spend too much time figuring out the software when they could be working on important things related to business. You want to be able to import existing databases into your software easily to save time and money. If you can look at the companies past clients do it. This way you can determine if the software works for other companies in your area of expertise. With so many options available for CRM software it can be easy to get overwhelmed but just stay focused on what you want and you will find software that will suit your needs.

Finding CRM Software

Once you have an idea of what type of CRM software you need and have reviewed different options, visit Commence to learn more about our top rated CRM software solution.

Customer List Management and Follow up Software

Investing in Customer List Software

A flexible and versatile Contact and Customer List software package allows you to segment your customers for targeted marketing campaigns and is a worthwhile investment. Businesses can use this Customer software to provide potential customers with the proper follow up and level of service that is more likely to result in their continued loyalty. A CRM software system that enables support staff to search the customer list and respond quicker to queries and complaints helps to ensure that customers are kept happy and are impressed by the quality of the service they receive. This also requires well-trained support staff, however, but an intuitive and user-friendly software interface is helpful.


Customer List Management Software with Advanced Analytical Features

In order to maximize sales of a product, it is necessary to be able to analyze customer sales and marketing data easily. A web-based Customer List Management software package which incorporates analytical tools can provide a complete system for customer management and segmentation. A software package which makes it easier to deliver excellent customer support can also be helpful in securing loyal customers, as customers are more likely to stick with a company that provides them with attentive, quality service.