Sales People Sell Better with Better Sales Management!

In today’s competitive environment successful companies are distinguishing themselves not only by the features of their product or the service they provide, but also by the quality of their sales force.

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Getting your sales organization to operate like a well-oiled machine requires a combination of good sales tools and strong leadership. The tools are the easy part as there are several high quality online CRM software programs available that enable access to sales information from your desktop PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone.

CRM software enables the sales organization to capture new leads, automate tasks and follow-up activity and manage the sales cycle from introduction to closure. Companies using CRM software programs have reported significant increases in revenue and close ratios. In addition, these systems are affordable for any size business and very easy to use.

The difficult part is hiring the right sales executive that can take control of the sales process, instill confidence in the team and hold people accountable for their performance. I see sales managers as part of the process or part of the problem. Either they have the leadership and management skills to direct and earn the respect of their sales team or they don’t. It’s really that simple.

The CRM tools also need to be used by management so that the sales team understands and appreciates that management cannot provide direction unless they can get a snapshot of the pipeline, see prior sales activity and the next steps in the selling cycle. The combination of good sales management complemented by a good CRM solution for managing the sales process is the winning formula for businesses today.

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CRM Management

With proper CRM management your business is more organized

When you have correct CRM management your business will stay organized. All your contacts should be in one place and employees should be able to access those contacts in case one person is out of the office or are on vacation and there is a problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. If you correctly add all your information into the CRM, you can have contacts as well as any interactions that have already taken place with the customer. This makes it easy for customer service representatives to do their job and for new people in your company to take over an account without having to constantly ask the old account manager for information which can be a problem if they have left the company. Each employee can use the CRM dashboard to set up appointments, tasks and to dos so they stay on track and productive in their work. You can even integrate your email and calendar so you can always access what you need.

CRM Management at Commence

At you can find a CRM system that can help improve the organization of your business and with proper CRM management software you can improve your business.

CRM Management

How to improve your CRM management

Improving your CRM management doesn’t need to be difficult but it does require a bit of organization and training. Making sure everyone knows the proper procedures for using the CRM will make management much easier. Train each department on the proper procedures and come up with strategies that will make it work for each department so the CRM software gets used to improve your business.

How your mobile CRM helps with CRM Management

A mobile CRM management software makes it easier to keep track of customer information even when you are not at your desk at work.  With a mobile CRM, you will have access anywhere from your smart phone. You can have quick access to account and contact information as well as view planned and follow up activities. This will help you increase productivity even when on the go. If the sales team meets with a potential client out of the office then they can quickly record the information they need, making CRM management even easier and more efficient. Visit to learn more about how a mobile CRM option will help you manage your system better.

CRM Management

Why should your business rely on CRM Management?

CRM management is a great way to organize your business, improve relationships with your customers, and improve communication internally in your business. With your CRM you can do a number of different things that will help your business grow. You can improve your relationship with your customers by getting their questions and support requests answered quickly and efficiently. You can handle internal office communication better by putting information in the CRM. This way, if multiple people need to access the information they can and things won’t get bogged down with email.

CRM Management online

Having an online CRM management software makes it simple. When your employees can access your CRM from any PC, Apple Mac, or mobile device with Internet access, this makes telecommuting effective as well as solving any problems that arise away from the office easier. An online CRM management system makes it much easier to set up the system for your office. Providing your employees with logins is much easier than having to install and configure a CRM software program on every single work computer. Visit to learn more about CRM Management solutions and how it can improve your business.

Cloud CRM Management

How you can improve your Cloud CRM Management

Your Cloud CRM management shouldn’t take too long to add value to your business. There are a few things you can do to make sure your CRM management runs smoothly. First of all, make sure everyone has had the appropriate training for how to use the CRM system. While you may not want to take time away from actual work that needs to get done, ensuring that your employees have the proper training will make sure that productivity improves with use of the CRM. Use the reporting features to see what in your business needs to be improved and sit down to come up with strategies for using your CRM system to improve those areas. These reporting features are already built in to your system so be sure to take advantage of them. Check up with your employees to make sure that the CRM is useful to them and that they are able to use it correctly and improve on any areas that need attention.

Learn more about Cloud CRM management

To learn more about Cloud CRM view online demos. These will give you a good idea of what will work for your business and help you get the right solution for your business. Visit today to get a free trial and view online demos of our cloud CRM solution.

CRM Management

CRM Management through training

Even though it takes time away from business duties it is important to have a few training sessions for your employees in order to make sure they understand what the CRM is best used for. Having the training sessions in the beginning of implementation will make CRM management easier since the process of transferring everything over will go smoothly and nothing will get lost in the process. Training can be done by department or have heads of the departments take advantage of online training programs and then teach it to their employees. Whatever way your company decides to complete training, make sure it gets done in order to make the CRM more efficient.

CRM Management at Commence

Commence offers you the tools you need to have proper CRM management software. There are training webinars that you can partake in in order to understand your CRM better and use it more efficiently. You can also rest assured that your CRM is being managed and maintained by professional engineers 24 hours a day, 7 day a week so you don’t have to worry about security issues with your data. Having the assurance that your data is secure will allow you to use the system more effectively. Visit to learn more today.