It’s Time that Small to Mid-Sizes Businesses Focus on Customer Support

CRM software programs designed for small to mid-sized companies are used primarily for contact management and sales pipeline management.  This is because the lion’s share of CRM solutions sold in this market only offers this level of functionality and that’s it.

One company that is differentiating themselves from the pack is Commence Corporation. Commence has an online CRM solution that offers advanced functionality for customer service.  This is appealing to mid-sized companies that have mastered the use of CRM for managing account management, contact management and sales, and now want to focus on providing world class service to their customers.

Excerpt from ‘Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing Top Technology Investment Priority List’ | Forrester Blog

To do this, businesses need the ability to assign and manage service tickets, and maintain a historical view of customer service interactions. Commence CRM software does just that.  The customer support application is seamlessly integrated with the account and contact management database. Simply open an account detail and view the complete service history as part of a 360 degree view of their customer profile.

Customer service and support solutions are typically unavailable from low-end competitive offerings servicing this sector of the industry.  Other mainstream and enterprise products offer this, but at almost double the cost.  Learn more about the customer support and project management features in Commence CRM at

Reasons Why Commence is the Best CRM Software for Small Business Owners

If you are a new or small business owner, choosing a CRM application can be pretty overwhelming. Your first instinct may be to go with one that you know is trusted by larger corporations, but this is rarely a good idea. Not only are these CRM systems more costly, they are also a lot more complicated to use, which could consume a large portion of your day.

Choose Our Small Business CRM Software

If you ask around, there is a good chance that someone you know will tell you that Commence is the best CRM software for small business owners. This is because it is affordable and easy to use, and it has been created with features that a busy business owner will actually find helpful. Some of these include:

  • Lead Management – This system will help you turn leads into sales. You can even import them from various sources and create follow-up programs.
  • Project Management – One of the reasons Commence is one of the top customer management systems is because we help you control and monitor all important aspects of your business, including projects. Prioritize, budget, track time and expenses, and more, with this feature.
  • QuickBooks Integration – Never deal with duplicate entries or conflicts, again, with our QuickBooks integration. Two-way synchronization ensures that everyone on your staff is always working with up-to-date records.
  • Email Integration – This is a convenience feature you are sure to really appreciate, as you can choose email correspondences to share with different people in various departments. It even works with Mac Entourage.

CRM Management

Proper CRM Management can make project management easier

With proper CRM management, project management in your office can be a lot easier. Your CRM can serve as a centralized project management system which will plan and organize all the project activities. Use the system to manage all the tasks, time sheets and resource assignments. Having everything in one place will make the project run smoothly and stay on track. You can enable access to all authorized personnel so everyone that needs access to the information can get it. Use the CRM system to measure the project progress with pre-built or customizable reporting to ensure that projects stay on track. This allows you to identify and resolve project issues that need to be fixed so corrective measures can be taken as soon as possible.

Proper CRM management will lead to accurate reports

One of the benefits of having a CRM system is all the CRM reporting features that you can use to help with sales, project management and customer service. If you use the CRM correctly and have proper CRM management software then the reports will show what areas need improving and which tactics are working for your company. Visit to learn more about CRM management and how it can improve your internal business workflow process.