CRM Software Provider Assists with Sales Process Management

Small to mid-size businesses often struggle to implement successful sales strategies. This is often due to inexperienced sales management and the lack of automated sales tools required to automate the selling process.

“In smaller businesses, it’s not uncommon to find that the sales manager was the top performer the year before,” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation. “Even though he or she might be very good at selling, this does not necessarily make them a good sales manager; and if the company has not implemented CRM software for automating and managing the sales cycle, then it is hard for even an experienced sales manager to successfully manage and control the sales process.

Commence is addressing this need by assisting customers with defining and implementing a sales methodology that is best suited for their business. The process begins with the customer defining each step of the sales cycle from introduction to closure. Once defined, Commence personnel automate the methodology, train the staff on its utilization, and generate reports that enable management to closely monitor where each opportunity is in the sales cycle.

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This has helped sales management in several ways.

1. Put more hands on deck before the ship sinks.

First, managers can deploy the additional resources necessary to win the business during the sales cycle instead of discussing why they lost the deal later on.

2.  Rescue the deal.

Secondly, they can monitor the performance of each sales representative and provide guidance for those who may be having difficulty with prospecting, overcoming objection, or closing deals.

3. Improve your process.

Lastly, Commence customers have seen an improvement in the accuracy of their monthly and quarterly forecast, leading to predictable sales results.

Becoming a more efficient sales organization is not going to happen by simply purchasing a CRM solution. Look for a solution provider like Commence that can offer quality sales automation software coupled with sales expertise that ensures you will realize a substantial return on your investment.

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Want to Improve Sales? Automate your Sales process

Let’s face it, without sales there is no business, but are you winning the deals you should? Are you managing each stage of the sales cycle so that you can be proactive during the sales cycle? Are you analyzing why you win and why you lose? If you are not, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to improve your win ratio and grow your revenue. How are companies improving sales? By automating the sales process.

Tools such as CRM sales management software are helping businesses automate the selling process. It’s easy, affordable and producing the kind of results that sales executives are paying attention to. What CRM software programs offer is the ability to define, automate, and streamline the sales process so that every sales representative is following a structure that has proven to deliver improved sales results.

Define your sales stages

Often referred to as a sales methodology, this is simply your definition of steps incorporated in your sales process. While there are dozens of methodologies that you can implement, I believe it’s best to define what works for your business and implement those steps into whatever CRM software you select.

Your sales process may be simple or complex. A good CRM will let you define as many steps as you need.
You can define as many steps as you need for your sales process.


Here is another example of a company that manufactures and sells household items. They have defined their sales process as follows:

Step 1 – Introduction and build rapport stage

Step 2 – Needs analysis (understand customer requirements)

Step 3 – Send product samples

Step 4 – Produce quote for products

Step 5 – Price negotiation

Step 6 – Close business

By automating this process in the sales CRM system, management knows where every new business opportunity is in the sales cycle, allowing them to take an active role in assisting with trying to win the business. The CRM software will also produce reports that enable you to analyze which products are doing better than others, which industries you may be having better success in and which sales representative are having success selling your products.

If you find that you are not managing the sales cycle or that you are trying to manage the sales process using an Excel spreadsheet it may be time to consider a CRM software solution that’s designed to automate the selling process.

Is There Such A Thing As Sales Software For Small Businesses

If you are looking for sales software for small business owners, you may be a little frustrated. Depending on how much time you have already invested, you are likely learning that although there is a lot of software available, it almost all caters to the needs of a large corporation. Fortunately, we have a solution for you.

We Have Sales Software for Small Business Owners

Before you give up, you will be thrilled to learn that we have designed our sales software for small business owners. Not only does it help you build and strengthen customer relations, it offers some pretty unique bonuses that will allow you to be more time-efficient with your day while also controlling expenses. A few examples of perks you will find on our software include:

  • Email integration
  • Project management
  • Lead management
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Help desk and support
  • Marketing automation
  • Outlook synchronization
  • Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar) synchronization
  • Real time dashboard

CRM Management

Proper CRM Management can make project management easier

With proper CRM management, project management in your office can be a lot easier. Your CRM can serve as a centralized project management system which will plan and organize all the project activities. Use the system to manage all the tasks, time sheets and resource assignments. Having everything in one place will make the project run smoothly and stay on track. You can enable access to all authorized personnel so everyone that needs access to the information can get it. Use the CRM system to measure the project progress with pre-built or customizable reporting to ensure that projects stay on track. This allows you to identify and resolve project issues that need to be fixed so corrective measures can be taken as soon as possible.

Proper CRM management will lead to accurate reports

One of the benefits of having a CRM system is all the CRM reporting features that you can use to help with sales, project management and customer service. If you use the CRM correctly and have proper CRM management software then the reports will show what areas need improving and which tactics are working for your company. Visit to learn more about CRM management and how it can improve your internal business workflow process.

Online CRM Software

Online CRM Software is perfect for small to medium sized businesses

Organization is key in a business even if it is a smaller business. Having great organization can help a smaller business grow into a big business. Using online CRM software can help your business get organized from sales to customer service to project management. Everything can be tracked with the software so if there is ever a question about an account you can go back and look at the information and track the progress. You can also customize the software so that it will work for your business and you are paying for only the features you will use, saving you money and helping you improve your business.

Use Online CRM software for access anywhere

Your life is always on the go so you are probably always doing business on the go. To keep track of your business using a mobile phone or mobile device, use online CRM. You can even hook it up to your tablet device such as an  Apple Ipad or Android tablet so you are always connected and don’t have to worry about forgetting to record an important task or being away from your computer when you need information for an important business call. Visit to find CRM software that will work for your business.

CRM Online

Why use your CRM Online?

When you use your CRM online it’s easier to get the information you need whenever you need it. This is great for a company that has workers working remotely or workers that are always on the go. Sales guys who make a sale at a lunch won’t have to wait to get back to the office to import important information as long as they have Internet access. CRM systems that you can access online don’t require expensive software. You can easily get access on every computer in your building which means that every employee you provide the log in details to will have instant access making it a much cheaper alternative to traditional CRM options.

Questions to ask when considering whether to put your CRM online

When you have your online CRM software you want to make sure that the data is secure. Since you are storing important company data on your CRM system then its extra important to know exactly how your data is stored and who can access it. It is a good idea to go with a CRM hosting company that has a proven track record for success. Visit to learn more about a secure online CRM and how you can get one for your business.

Online CRM

Use a single online CRM for sales, marketing and customer service

Wouldn’t it be great to have one program that can be used for all the departments in your office to make sure that everyone who deals with a client is on the same page? With an online CRM, this is possible. The online CRM can be used to make sure everyone is on the same page with a client, no matter what department they are in. It can also be used to improve the processes of each department. In sales, use the CRM to help sort through leads and keep track of the sales process so you can make sure to win more deals. For the marketing department, you can use it to automate marketing campaigns and keep track to stay on budget and see the results of your campaign. The CRM system can help you with customer service by using a service ticket management system, and can help to resolve service requests quickly and efficiently.

Start shopping for an online CRM system

Now is the perfect time to get an online CRM system to improve your business. Visit today to learn more and try out a demo to find a system that works best for your business.

Cloud Sales Software

The dashboard of your cloud Sales Software

One of the benefits of cloud sales software that you can use for your business is the CRM Sales dashboard on the homepage. The CRM dashboard can help you get organized and give you a real time view of your most important information. The dashboard can be customized for each individual so they will see the information that is most important to their job description and not have to waste space on information that is not relevant to them. Some of the features that can be incorporated into the dashboard include a real time snapshot of leads, sales and service activity. You can also read and write emails right in the dashboard. The alerts will help you stay ahead of the game and always know exactly what is going on in your company. With the CRM dashboard you can perform up to 90% of your daily tasks on one screen. You will save time and become more productive.

Cloud Sales Software features in addition to the dashboard

Besides the dashboard, cloud based sales software can come with additional features that you will want to use. With the many customizable options you can pick and choose the features that will benefit you the most, saving money. Visit to learn more about your cloud CRM options for your business today.

Hosted CRM

Do you want a Hosted CRM?

A hosted CRM is a CRM system that is yours but it is hosted on one the CRM provider’s servers. A web CRM on the other hand is designed to be accessible from the web no matter where you are. You don’t have to be at your office to get it. Both CRM systems offer a variety of benefits that a traditional on premise CRM does not have.

Integrate everything in your Hosted CRM

A hosted CRM can improve all areas of your business and you will want to integrate everything you can into your CRM system so everything is easily available in one place. You won’t have to have multiple applications open on your computer screen when you can use one program to send out emails, improve sales, and work on marketing efforts all at once. Having everything together will save you time and improve the productivity of your business. You will be able to customize your CRM system so that you can integrate what you want to and won’t have to worry about paying for features you know your business won’t use.  It’s even possible to get your information on your mobile phone, including Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, Android, and Windows Phone. Visit to learn more and to find a CRM system for your business.

Sales Software

The benefits of Sales Software

Sales software will serve many benefits to your company. You can use the software to manage the whole sales process from beginning to end so you can work your magic to get the best sale possible. With a lead management system you can start turning your leads into sales right away. With the system it’s easy to capture leads from multiple sources and then qualify them using your own ranking and scoring system. This way you will not miss the leads that are hot and can focus more attention on them. In your lead categories you can create automated follow up programs. You won’t have to remember to do something .The system will automatically do it for you.

Sales Software will allow you to keep Track

If you need a record of all the interactions with the customers including e-mails and documents then sales software works best for you. The system will allow you to maintain the whole sales cycle history so if you ever need to go back you have it all in one place. You don’t have to go searching in your email inbox and if there’s ever a problem you have the proof you need. Visit Commence to learn more about the sales software features for this type of software and to purchase.