CRM Key Differentiatiors

Key CRM Differentiators

12 Reasons Why Companies Select Commence CRM

8 Unique Product Features


Commence CRM Video - The DashboardClick to see video1) The Dashboard

Commence offers several unique product features starting with a customizable dashboard that enables administrative, sales and support personnel to conduct 90% of their daily activities without leaving the initial screen. The product’s user interface is one of the best in the industry and its intuitive design has made Commence one of the easiest CRM systems to navigate and use.

E-Mail IntegrationClick to see video2) E-Mail Integration

Built right within the Commence CRM system is an e-mail module that allows you to read, compose and manage your e-mail right within the CRM system. This unique capability addresses two critical areas that are not supported by other CRM programs. First, there is no need to flip back and forth between your e-mail program and your CRM system and there is no manual e-mail tagging to do. All messages coming into or out of Commence will be automatically tagged to the account and contract record inside Commence CRM and regardless of what e-mail program you or your staff are using, Commence will consolidate all e-mail correspondence in one system.

Commence CRM Video - Account ScoringClick to see video3) Account Scoring

Most CRM systems manage accounts and contacts in a similar fashion, but Commence has taken account management to a whole other level. Built within the CRM system is an “Automated Business Process” that allows you to rate, score and color code your customers based on their value to your business. This allows all authorized personnel to immediately identify your best customers so that you can pay special attention to their needs. The criteria for the rating system is completely customizable and consist of areas such as company size, revenue, service level requirements, profitability, growth potential and percentage for customer retention.

Organization ChartClick to see video4) Organization Chart

Have you even needed to know who the economic buyer or the influencers are within an organization? Of course you have and in order to attain this information you probably had to track down the people inside your organization that knew, but not with Commence CRM. Built into Commence is an automated organization chart that details the contacts name, title, e-mail and telephone number providing you with immediate access to the key people for both customers and sales opportunities.

Commence CRM Video - Lead Management & ScoringClick to see video5) Lead Management & Scoring

One of the challenges facing sales managers today is the ability to ensure that leads are being properly qualified by the sales organization. This qualification process is traditionally determined by the experience level of the representative which means less experienced people may be spending their time chasing tire kickers, costing your company time and money. Commence provides an“Automated Business Process” that enables the sales team to rate and color code each new opportunity based on a structured set of pre-defined qualification criteria. This automated process has resulted in faster and higher close ratios because it enables your sales team to become laser focused on the most qualified opportunities.

Commence CRM Video - Sales ManagementClick to see video6) Sales Management

Sales people need more than a contact manager to manage the sales cycle, but they don’t want overly complex systems that rob them of valuable selling time. Commence makes sales management easy by providing sales professionals with one single screen for entering, updating, and managing sales opportunities. Built in permissions insure that sales people only have access to the accounts, leads and sales opportunities assigned to them.

Commence CRM Video - Project ManagementClick to see video7) Project Management

Project management applications are traditionally stand-alone solutions that are virtually impossible to integrate with CRM programs, but Commence has addressed this requirement with a fully integrated project management application that manages projects, task and time ships and links all project history to the account record.

8) Flexible Selection and Pricing

Commence offers several product editions to support customers who require basic CRM requirements as well as those that require enterprise level functionality and we don’t limit the number of users by edition or place limits on features such as how many accounts you can have or how many e-mails you can send out each day. In addition, the modular design of our product allows us to add individual applications from other editions without forcing you to upgrade to that edition. Click to see Pricing

4 Comfort Factors


1) Company Track Record

Commence Corporation has been providing customer management software solutions to mid-size companies and small enterprises for more than two decades and has been the recipient of several industry awards. The company’s products are well regarded for their flexibility, ease of use and low cost of ownership. Throughout the company’s rich history Commence products have been sold under private label agreements with IBM, AT&T, Compaq Computer and other third party solution providers. Today, several thousand businesses around the world rely on Commence CRM every day to manage their customer relationships.

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2) Best Practices

Having a world class product does not guarantee a successful implementation. Commence has created a set of “Best Practices” for CRM Implementation that has resulted in one the highest success rates for CRM implementations in the industry. Complementing the best practices guide is an E-Book, titled “Practices That Pay” leveraging information to achieve selling results. The e-book has helped customers improve sales strategies and sales execution and enabled them to realize the maximum value from the CRM software.

CRM Best Practices PDF ebook

3) Customer Support

The company’s recognized track record for successful implementations is a direct result of the quality of service Commence provides to its customers. Each Commence customer is assigned an account manager whose responsibility is to ensure that the product not only gets properly implemented, but that the users are properly trained so that you realize an immediate return on your investment. Commence calls this an “on-boarding process” which provides unlimited support throughout the implementation process.

4) Best In Class Hosting Service

Your data is your business and you need to know that it is being properly managed, secured and accessible when required. Commence hosting services are provided via a strategic business partnership with Rackspace, the industry’s number 1 provider of cloud based hosting services. This best in class service provides Commence customers with the comfort of knowing that their data is properly protected and secured by the best in the business.

Commence -“The Most Trusted Name in CRM”