CRM System

Streamlining Your Business is Our Business

For more than two decades Commence has enabled companies to leverage information resulting in improved business performance. An intuitive, flexible CRM system streamlines the front office business processes that directly impact sales execution and customer service.

The CRM System software is complemented by a set of “best practices” that ensure consistency in your marketing message, improve how you manage the sales process and facilitate the delivery of world-class customer service. With Commence CRM, you will maximize the lifetime value of every customer relationship.

See How Commence CRM Addresses Your Business Challenges

Our CRM System Enables:
CRM system
Our Best Practices Ensure:

The Capture and Management

Of vital customer information

Improved Market Segmentation

What customers do we serve better
than anyone else?

Building Brand Recognition

Generate more and better quality leads

A Clear Value Proposition

What value do we provide to our
customers better than our competitors?

Management of the Sales Cycle

Close more deals, increase profitability

Better Market Awareness

How will we profitably communicate
and deliver value to our customers?

Delivery of World-Class Customer Service

Delight your customers and secure their loyalty

Increased Sales & Profitability

How will we convert all of this into
new customers?
CRM Best Practices ebook

One Central Database of All Customer Information

Anytime Access

Provide your staff with access to customer information anytime and anywhere

Use a PC or Apple Mac

Commence supports a mixed platform environment

E-Mail integration

Provide your staff with access to customer information anytime and anywhere

Mobile CRM

Manage customer data while away from the office

Integrate With QuickBooks

Eliminate mistakes and duplicate data entry

Drive More Business and Close More deals

Bulk E-mail Campaigns

Create targeted marketing programs that generate quality leads

Manage Leads

Rate and score leads based on pre-defined criteria

Sales Dashboard

Manage your pipeline and each stage of the sales cycle

Forecast & Reporting

Create real time reports on sales activity

Sales Analytics

View graphical analysis of buying patterns and trends

Improve Your Customer's Buying Experience

Ticket Management & Escalation

Capture service history for every customer

Use a PC or Apple Mac

Commence supports a mixed platform environment


E-mail quality responses to customer inquiries

Customer Portal

Provide customer self service

Project Management

Efficiently manage and report on every project


Award Winning CRM System + Best Practices Is What Makes Commence Different

Commence CRM is a robust highly flexible customer management solution for the middle market. Commence offers customers the “Freedom of Choice” to deploy the CRM solution on premise or hosted ondemand via the cloud. What differentiates Commence CRM from other CRM solutions starts with an intuitive, friendly user interface that makes the product extremely easy to navigate and easy to use. The product’s modular design enables Commence customers to select only the CRM functionality they require for their business and offers a comprehensive suite of business software that includes, contact management, lead management, sales management, help desk, document management, project management and analytical reporting. Commence CRM also integrates with Microsoft Outlook for e-mail, calendar and task as well as integration with QuickBooks by Intuit and mobile devices such as the iphone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile. The CRM System is also available on the Apple Mac.