Empower your Organization to Respond to
Customers and Sales Opportunities Like Never Before

Get Organized

  • Track Activity as it Happens
  • Record all Interactions with Prospects
    & Customers
  • Share Information Throughout the

Effectively Manage your
Sales Team

  • Stop Letting Deals Slip Through The
  • Monitor Sales Activity and Performance
  • Consistently Close More Business

Experience Breakthrough
Business Performance

  • Create Marketing Campaigns That
    Generate Quality Leads
  • Implement “Best Practices” for
    Improved Sales Execution
  • Provide the Personalized Service That
    Drives Customer Loyalty

See how Commence can help you organize and better manage customer data, improve sales efficiency, generate new business, provide high quality customer service and make informed business decisions.

Siemens Corporation

We are a division of Siemens Corporation (www.sbt.siemens.com) and one of the largest providers of building controls, fire alarm, life safety and security systems. We have been using Commence for more than a decade to capture and consolidate customer and subcontractor information into a single database so that it is available to people throughout the organization.

Gretchen Vito


Account & Contact Management

Maintain complete account history; notes,
conversations, activities,

Monitor Sales Activity

Stay on top of every opportunity by efficiently managing deal flow and follow-up activity.

Marketing Campaign Management

Use automated marketing programs to keep your product, and service in front of prospects and customers.

Support your Clients

Provide world-class customer service with automated ticketing and escalation system.

Project Management

Track project dates, milestones, budgeted hours, status updates, and % completed using timeslips, tasks and sub-tasks.


Get a real-time view of your leads, sales, and service tickets on the home page. Plus manager reports and graphs by user.

QuickBooks Integration

Manage your QuickBooks vendor list, customers, account history, and customer-related e-mail from one application.

E-Mail Integration

Log messages from multiple email accounts as email history and send email marketing campaigns. Web email module enables remote access to your inbox.


View and edit your calendar, tasks, and contacts from your smartphone such as iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry. And from Google Apps or Outlook.

CRM for Apple Mac

Use your CRM with Apple Mac.
20 Years of Business Relationships. Commence is the “Most Trusted Name in CRM” Servicing 35 industries in 22 countries.
Technology Leadership. Award Winning CRM Software – Hosted or On Premise and accessible via Apple Mac or PC.
A Complete CRM Solution More than contact management and sales. E-mail marketing, help desk (ticketing) project management, marketing campaigns Outlook and QuickBooks integration.
Work Offline When Needed Full access to vital prospect and customer data while away from the office. Integration with popular Mobile devices.
Value & ROI Easy to use affordable CRM software that has delivered double digit growth for our customers. Ask them and see for yourself.
Best Practices We don’t just sell CRM software. Commence is committed to helping you implement “Best Practices” for sales execution and customer service that result in improved business performance.
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Commence CRM Software

Why Manage Customer Relationships When You Can Master Them

The economic uncertainty has caused many small to mid-size businesses to reduce their investment in technology resources and client management software. Many of these organizations are struggling to manage their business using outdated contact managers or excel spreadsheets, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Newer web based CRM solutions like Commence CRM, have paved the way for small to mid-size companies to take advantage of customer software solutions for managing small businesses. While there are a myriad of CRM software applications for contact management, sales force automation, marketing management and customer service, Commence has integrated this functionality into one cohesive easy to use CRM solution that has proven to significantly impact how small businesses sell and provide services to their customers.

Commence CRM Offers Rapid Deployment and Ease of Use

Whether you’re a small business or a division of a fortune 1000 company, Commence has a customer management software solution to meet your requirements and your budget. Our desktop CRM software may be deployed in-house or on-premise and offers a fully integrated solution for contact management, sales force automation, marketing management, project management and customer service. Integration with desktop software like Microsoft Office and Outlook are also part of the small business CRM solution.

Success Stories

Bernie Rudnick

Required more than contact
management software

Robert Eves

Commence addressed vertical
market requirements