CRM Dashboard

Organize the data the way you want

Get organized and see a real time view of your most important information. Manage to-do’s, pending sales opportunities, alerts, overdue activities, service tickets, new leads, company news, even an interactive sales funnel all on your personal dashboard.



  • Real time Dashboard
    Real time snapshot of leads, sales and service activity.
  • Sales Analysis
    Analyze trends in your sales funnel.
  • Customized Dashboard
    Customizable by individual or job function.
  • E-mail
    Read or compose e-mail right within the dashboard.
  • Alerts
    Alerts keep you on top of your game.


The Commence CRM dashboard is designed for one specific purpose, ease of use. With a single click you can create a dashboard of your most important information and organize the data the way you want to work. The CRM dashboard allows you to perform ninety percent of your daily activities without ever leaving the screen. This makes Commence CRM extremely easy to use for even the most novice PC or Apple Mac user.