Affordable For Any Size Business

Commence RM is offered as an annual software as a service license (SaaS). This subscription licensing model provides customers with an affordable avenue to implement and utilize Commence RM without a substantial upfront investment. In addition, the program offers customers the flexibility to increase or reduce the number of licenses each year based on their business environment. All product updates and enhancements are incorporated in the annual subscription service which ensures that you are always working with the latest supportable version of Commence.

Prices for Commence RM and iCommence vary based on the number of licenses you require and whether you plan to operate Commence RM on premise using your own Server Hardware or have it Hosted and managed by Commence Corporation at the company’s data center.

If you are an existing Commence RM customer and are looking to upgrade or add additional licenses please call Commence Sales at 1-877-266-6362 to take advantage of the company’s customer loyalty program.