icon_account1E-Mail Integration

Centralize your e-mail, calendar and to do’s

Commence CRM provides seamless integration with popular e-mail clients including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, mail for the Apple Mac and others and if you have a mixed environment that’s ok too, we have you covered.

With Commence you utilize your current e-mail client to log incoming and outgoing e-mail correspondence directly to the account and contact record inside Commence CRM. It’s quick and easy and there is no learning curve for the end user.

This seamless integration ensures that when reviewing accounts or contacts, the complete-e mail history is visible within the selected account or contact record.

Quickly log e-mails into Commence CRM with a single click:

Each message will be stored under the appropriate account and contact record. It’s that easy.


  • Share E-mail correspondence along with vital customer data
    Use permissions to share e-mails and customer data with sales, marketing and service personnel
  • Track all e-mail correspondence inside Commence
    Associate e-mails with accounts, contacts and leads


Commence offers two options for managing e-mail starting with a standard “drop box” feature and a more advanced plug-in for Microsoft Outlook users. Both options allow you to continue to use the email client of your choice while providing the ability to manage e-mail correspondence directly within the CRM system.