Commence Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Link

Mobile Link is designed to enable the synchronization of your contacts and calendar from your desktop version of Commence and your Smartphone.

What mobile phones are supported by Mobile Link?

  • Mobile Link supports IPhone & Android phones by syncing your Commence data to either your Outlook account (for the IPhone) or your Google account (for Android phones).

Does Mobile Link need any special software to sync to my IPhone?

  • For the IPhone integration, Mobile Link will sync your Commence data to your Outlook account.  You may need ITunes to be installed to your machine before you can sync from Outlook to your IPhone.

Does Mobile Link need any special software to sync to my Android phone?

  • During the initial setup of the Mobile Link, you will grant Commence access to your Gmail account.  Please make sure this is the same Google account associate your android phone.

Does Mobile Link synchronize changes from my cell phone to Commence?

  • Mobile Link can sync both ways to capture updates from your phone, from Commence to Outlook/Google only or from Outlook/Google to Commence only.  These settings can be configured individually for each category.

How does Mobile Link know what information to synchronize to my cell phone?

  • Mobile Link using mappings configured in your Commence database under Preferences to know what information to sync out to your cell phone.   You will find details for configuring these mappings can be found in the Microsoft Integration guide available in your Commence program directory.



iCommence is an add-on product for Commence desktop users.  It is designed for those who need full access to their Commence desktop database from outside their home office. There is no synchronization with iCommence. The product essentially provides a view and access to your Commence database on a mobile device.

Can I add or edit data from a remote device using iCommence?  

  • Yes, you have the full power of Commence just as you do on your desktop PC. You can update, edit or delete information just as you do with Commence on your desktop.

Does iCommence require any specific hardware or software installation? 

  • iCommence requires a simple download of a plug-in software component for the specific device you wish to use it on. For a windows desktop PC or laptop, the download takes less than 1 minute to complete and you will then have access to your Commence system via a specific login and your browser.
  • For mobile devices and tablets, you will need to install the native app from the appropriate app store (either Apple iTunes or Google Play). The application installs on the device and allows access to the remote Commence software.

Do I need to be on the most current version of Commence to use iCommence?

  • Yes, iCommence requires the most current version of the desktop software and is only available for customers using our cloud based hosted environment.

Why do I need to be hosted to use iCommence?

  • iCommence is a web based add-on module that requires a cloud based server to operate.  It is not available for in-house of on-premise installation.

What if I wish to change devices and still use iCommence? 

  • No problem, iCommence supports the most popular desktop, Tablet and Smartphone devices so you can change devices at any time.

Who do I contact if I have a problem or need assistance? 

  • Support for iCommence is provided directly by Commence Corporation.  Our technical support staff will be happy to address any questions you have with using the product.

Is there a trial of  iCommence?

  • There is no trial of iCommence. The product provides access to your Commence database from mobile devices and presents a view of your data in the same format as it does on your Personal Computer. It is ideal for use on larger screens like a Laptop, Apple Mac, or Tablets.