Frequently Asked Questions

What is iCommence?
iCommence is a web based add-on product for the Commence desktop software.

What does iCommence provide?
iCommence delivers full access to your Commence application from anywhere and from any device. Remote users can access the full power of Commence using a laptop PC, an Apple Mac, IPad or IPhone or Android phone or tablet.

Can I add or edit data from a remote device?
Yes, you have the full power of Commence just as you do on your desktop PC.

Does iCommence require any specific hardware or software installation?
For the desktop, just an initial plug-in software that downloads in less than 1 minute at which point you will have complete access to your Commence system via a specific login and your browser.
For mobile devices and tablets, you will need to install the native app from the appropriate app store (either Apple iTunes or Google Play). The application installs on the device and allows access to the remote Commence software.

Do I need to be on the most current version of Commence to use iCommence?
Yes, iCommence requires the most current version of the desktop product.

What if I wish to change devices and still use iCommence?
No problem, iCommence supports the most popular desktop, Tablet and Smartphone devices so you can change devices at any time.

Who do I contact if I have a problem or need assistance?
Support for iCommence is provided directly by Commence Corporation.  Our  technical support staff will be happy to assist you with your installation or address your questions you have in using the product.

What does iCommence cost?
The cost of iCommence varies based on the number of users you would like to utilize the product. Contact Commence sales for pricing at 877-COMMENCE or 732-380-1750.

How can I evaluate iCommence?
Commence has established a test environment which will enable you to experience iCommence from the device or your choice.  Sign up for a test drive, ask to speak with an expert or contact Commence Sales at 877-COMMENCE or 732-380-1750 for further information.