Lead Management

Capture, Manage, and Score Leads

Start turning leads into sales with Commence CRM’s lead management system. Capture leads from multiple sources including your web site and properly qualify them using the product’s lead rating and scoring system. Manage and track all activity from qualified leads, schedule follow-up appointments and place the unqualified ones back into the marketing campaign management program.




  • Import Leads from Web Forms
    Built-in web forms capture leads directly into Commence CRM
  • Lead Qualification and Scoring
    Qualify every opportunity using the lead scoring/rating feature
  • Automatic Lead Conversion
    Convert qualified leads into sales opportunities with a single click
  • Automatic Lead Assignment
    Assign leads immediately with rule based workflow programs
  • Import Leads from External Sources
    Auto import tool enables the import of leads from multiple sources
  • Create Lead Categories For Automated Follow-up Programs
    Schedule pre-defined programs for hot, warm, and cold leads


Commence CRM provides a robust lead management system that ensures that each lead is rated and scored based on pre-defined criteria. This enables your sales team to focus on the most promising new opportunities vs. chasing tire kickers. Leads can be imported directly into the system using the systems import tool, or captured directly from your web site using Commence CRM’s web forms feature. With Commence CRM you can be confident that leads are being properly qualified, followed up on and not falling through the cracks.