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 CommenceMobile Link version 1.2 now available.


Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever and it is critical that your staff have
access to the customer information they need while away from the home office. A
laptop computer or Internet connection may not be available when they need it most,
causing delays in responding to sales opportunities or customer inquiries.

Mobile devices have paved the way for increased communication while in the field,
but they require a vehicle to synchronize data with the central database. To address
this requirement, Commence has introduced Commence Mobile Link, a software
module that resides on your desktop or laptop computer and synchronizes information
directly with your Mobile device.

Commence Mobile Link Software will provide your sales, service and management
team with access to the information they need to proactively meet customer demands.
Commence Mobile Link, enables the synchronization of your address book, calendar,
task and notes directly with any supported mobile device.

The benefits of Commence Mobile Link easily recognized. There is no longer a need
to carry a laptop computer to access your data or wait for it to boot up while your
trying to address customer inquiries and no more fumbling through pages of notes
to locate important customer information. Furthermore, Commence Mobile Link offers
two-way synchronization so any update you enter into your mobile device will be
synchronized with the central database.


What is Commence Mobile Link?

Commence Mobile Link is a new add-on module that provides a direct link between components
of your Commence database and the latest Smart
Phone devices.


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What data can I synchronize using Commence Mobile Link?

Commence Mobile Link allows you to directly synchronize your contacts, calendar,
tasks, and notes.


What Mobile Devices are supported with Commence Mobile Link?

Commence Mobile Link supports the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile devices.


Do I still need to utilize Microsoft Outlook to synchronize my data?

No, The new Mobile Link module provides a direct link between Commence and your
Smart Phone device. Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook is no longer required.


How does it Work?

The Commence Mobile Link is a plug-in software module that resides on your desktop
PC and interfaces with software provided by your Mobile Device manufacturer. To
store contact, calendar, tasks and notes on your mobile device you simply connect
your USB cable provided by the device manufacturer to your PC and follow the instructions
for data synchronization. Commence Mobile will do all the rest.


Does Commence Mobile Link wirelessly update my Smart Phone when I am away from my company or home office?

Your e-mail will be updated wirelessly as part of your wireless Internet service,
but you will need to utilize the Mobile Link software to periodically synchronize
your data with your local PC for updated contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.


What are the requirements for Commence Mobile Link?

Commence Mobile Link is available for customers using the latest version of the
Commence RM software.


If I have 10 or more Commence licenses and only wish to have 2- 3 people use the Mobile Link product, do I have to purchase it for all 10 users?

No, you can purchase a subscription only for those people who will use the Commence
Mobile Link module.


If I require assistance, before, during or after implementation, whom do I contact?

Assistance for the Mobile Link product is provided by Commence Corporation’s Customer
Service department and covered under the same Technical Support agreement you have
for the Commence RM product.


When will the Commence Mobile Link module be available?


How do I order the Mobile Link subscription?

Commence Mobile Link may be ordered directly through Commence Corporation by calling
Commence Sales at 1-877-COMMENCE. For customers outside the United States, check
with your Commence regional distributor.