Using the industry’s latest technology

Only Commence offers the “Freedom of Choice” to deploy your CRM solution on premise or as a hosted solution. Built using the industry’s latest technology, Commence offers the scalability and performance you would expect from a world-class company. Our hosting service is also best in class, offering you the comfort of knowing that your data is properly secured. Some of the core platform features include:

  • Robust database architecture
  • Reliable, scalable infrastructure
  • Multi-level security permissions
  • Remote synchronization
  • Automated business processes
  • Encrypted database security

Core Features

  • Our Hosting Service
    Providing the highest quality service and security is the core of our managed service.
  • Data Center
    The data center used to host your solutions is engineered to the highest levels, with extensive systems to address security and network redundancy.
  • Security
    Access to the data center is restricted by two-factor authentication including Biometric hand scanners.
  • Conditioned Power
    The power systems are designed to run uninterrupted even in the unlikely event of a total power outage.
  • Precision Environment
    The data centers’ HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems are N+1 redundant to ensure that – even in the event of an entire HVAC system failure – there is a duplicate system on standby to take over.
  • Core Routing Equipment
    We use only fully redundant, enterprise-class routing equipment housed in its own secure, core routing room and fed with its own redundant power supply