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Commence is a “Top Rated” CRM solution that has enabled thousands of customers to become a more efficient sales and service organization. Start generating higher quality leads, close more deals and delight your customers with world class customer service.

About Commence

Becoming a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management software to small and mid-size businesses didn’t happen overnight. For more than two decades Commence Corporation has dedicated itself to providing affordable business solutions that are easy to implement and easy to use.

Today several thousand businesses in more than 35 different industries in 22 countries around the world rely on Commence software everyday to capture and manage the information they need to build long lasting customer relationships.

  • Two decades of industry relationships
  • Web based and Hosted CRM solutions
  • Recipient of numerous industry awards
  • Thousands of satisfied customers

Commence CRM Software

Why Manage Customer Relationships When You Can Master Them

The economic uncertainty has caused many small to mid-size businesses to reduce their investment in technology resources and client management software. Many of these organizations are struggling to manage their business using outdated contact managers or excel spreadsheets, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Newer web based CRM solutions like Commence CRM, have paved the way for small to mid-size companies to take advantage of customer software solutions for managing small businesses. While there are a myriad of CRM software applications for contact management, sales force automation, marketing management and customer service, Commence has integrated this functionality into one cohesive easy to use CRM solution that has proven to significantly impact how small businesses sell and provide services to their customers.

Commence CRM Offers Rapid Deployment and Ease of Use

Whether you’re a small business or a division of a fortune 1000 company, Commence has a customer management software solution to meet your requirements and your budget. Our desktop CRM software may be deployed in-house or on-premise and offers a fully integrated solution for contact management, sales force automation, marketing management, project management and customer service. Integration with desktop software like Microsoft Office and Outlook are also part of the small business CRM solution.

Commence may also be deployed as a web based hosted CRM solution. This small business management software operates on-line and enables the access of data via an Internet browser anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection. Because Commence Web CRM is Internet based, there is no hardware or software to implement or maintain. This online CRM option also integrates with Outlook and desktop software. Regardless of which deployment platform you choose, Commence CRM can be operational in days and is extremely easy to use.

Using Mobile Devices with Commence CRM

No CRM Management software would be complete without the integration of Mobile devices. Commence Desktop CRM and our Web CRM software support the integration of popular Mobile devices including the Blackberry, IPhone, Windows Mobile and The standard Palm OS.

Commence CRM Made Easy

Unlike other CRM software that is overly complex and forces you to implement functionality you may never use, Commence CRM is modular in design. This means you can select the functionality you need today and add features as your business grows. Flexibility in design also means flexibility in price which allows you to build a CRM solution that matches your budget. Many small to mid-size businesses start with contact management , email integration and sales force automation, then add marketing management and other business management software when they are ready. And Commence Web CRM is as easy to use as logging on to consumer web sites like Google and

Commence CRM Differentiators

In addition to providing customers with the freedom of choice to deploy their CRM software on-premise or as Web based CRM, Commence offers a number of key differentiators that have made its customer management software a top choice among small to mid-size businesses.

CRM software, web based crm software Dashboards – Like the dashboard of your car Commence CRM provides customers with a snapshot of their business right on the products home page or opening screen, including email, today’s activities, new leads, a sales pipeline and open service tickets. This enables management and their sales and service staff to be immediately productive as soon as the day begins.
CRM software, web based crm software Customizability – no two companies are exactly alike or operate exactly the same way. Commence CRM offers the flexibility to tailor your CRM solution to your specific needs and without costly internal or external programming services.
CRM software, web based crm software Sales Optimization – Your sales team is one of your most costly assets and if you want them to operate like a well oiled machine you need a sales process in place to organize and manage their day. Commence CRM provides the flexibility to implement well defined sales processes along with lead scoring which ensures that you team is working on qualified sales opportunities.
CRM software, web based crm software Marketing Management – Commence CRM offers marketing management software that is designed to capture unique information and buying patterns about your customers. This enables your marketing staff to generate new business marketing campaigns that are laser focused on specific customer requirements.
CRM software, web based crm software CRM Reporting – Commence CRM offers a myriad of pre-built and custom reports for contact management, sales management and sales forecasting, marketing campaign management and customer service. In addition, a graphical based analytics program is also incorporated into the CRM management software.
CRM software, web based crm software Social Networking – Integration with cloud based social networking sites such as Face Book, Twitter and Linked In, enable you to leverage the knowledge and expertise of others in the industry. CRM solutions like Commence CRM are continuing to extend the social networking environment to customers.
CRM software, web based crm software CRM Integration – While CRM solutions like Commence CRM offer the ability to integrate front office business processes, integration with back end accounting systems like QuickBooks or ERP solutions is often required to reduce operational inefficiencies. Commence CRM utilizes a web based CRM interface to achieve back-office integration.
CRM software, web based crm software Customer Service – The success Commence customers realize with our CRM software is based on two components; a top rated customer management software program coupled with a world class service organization. For more than two decades Commence has dedicated itself to delivering high quality business management software for the small to mid-size enterprises or (SME’s). The company and its software have evolved from desktop contact management software to web based CRM solutions that are delivered under a software as a Service or (SaaS) offering. Our products and services have made a significant impact on how small to mid-size businesses sell and provide services to their customers.