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Customers Share Thoughts on Future Product Releases

35324For the past two decades Commence Corporation has worked diligently to ensure that our customers have the opportunity to periodically evaluate our company, our product and our service and submit their opinions, recommendations and suggestions directly to Commence Corporation’s management.  These recommendations have served to fuel the growth of our business and the high customer satisfaction rate enjoyed by our customers.  Outlined below are the results of the company’s most recent survey.

The Survey Says:

Question 1   How long have you been using Commence?

  • 31% 1-3 years
  • 53% more than 5 to 10 years
  • 16% more than 10 years

Question 2  What is the principal industry of your company?

More than 27 industries were represented.

Question 3  Which Commence product do you use?

  • 78% Designer Edition CRM Toolkit
  • 16% Desktop CRM Application Suite
  • 6% Commence OnDemand (New Cloud based CRM offering)

Question 4  What is your primary use of the product?

Evenly split among the choices:
Contact & account management, sales, marketing, customer service

Question 5  How important is Commence to your business?

  • 79% Mission Critical
  • 19% Important
  • 2% Not that important

Question 6  How satisfied are you with the product you are using?

  • 74% Very satisfied
  • 19% Satisfied
  • 7% Not satisfied

Question 7  What do you find is the greatest strength of the product?

  • 61% Flexibility
  • 39% Reliability

Question 8  How likely are you to recommend Commence to a colleague?

  • 84.5% Likely

Question 9  How would you rate Commence Corporation’s ability to keep pace with current technology?

  • 69% Very satisfied
  • 13% Not satisfied
  • 18% Don’t think about it

Question 10  How would you rate the level of functionality incorporated in the product you are using?

  • 96% Very good meets our requirements
  • 4% Does not meet our requirements

Question 11  What improvements would you like to see in a future release of the product? (Respondents could check several options)

  • 51% Better integration with third party applications
  • 43% Better documentation
  • 37% Enhanced mobile capabilities
  • 33% Remote access to data
  • 30% More programming features
  • 23% Make product easier to use

Question 12  Do you have a service agreement with Commence?

  • 41% Yes
  • 59% No, we do everything ourselves

Question 13  How would you rate the quality of service received?

  • 64% Excellent
  • 27% Very good
  • 9% Fair

Question 14  How would you rate the value of the annual software maintenance program that provides updates and enhancements to the product(s)?

  • 68% Very good value
  • 22% Good value
  • 2% Fair – program is too expensive

Question 15  How would you rate the level of communication the company provides?

  • 62% Very good, we get all the information we need
  • 32% Fair, would like to see more communication from Commence
  • 6% Poor, the company does not communicate enough

Question 16  How would you rate your overall experience with Commence Corporation?

  • 73% Very good, the company has an excellent product and service organization
  • 19% Good – the experience has been good
  • 8% Fair   – our experience is not what we had expected.

Question 17  Commence is evaluating some enhanced services for our customers. How would you rank each of the items below based on the importance to your business? (Respondents could select several options)

  • # 1 — Searchable knowledgebase 53%
  • # 2 — Internet forum 34%
  • # 3 — Technical support blog 30%
  • # 4 — Self help videos 26%
  • # 5 — Quarterly webinars 17%
  • # 6 — Social networking 6%

Question 18  Commence now offers a hosting service for managing the Commence database in our datacenter and a cloud based CRM solution, Commence On-Demand. How likely are you to consider moving to one of these offerings in the future?

  • 21% Very likely – I would like to learn more
  • 61% Not likely we are happy with the on-premise system
  • 18% All ready using your hosted service

NOTE:   Responses containing personal information about your company, your name, your role  and if we may contact you have been removed from the results page.

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