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New Conversations Feature in Commence CRM Gets Good Customer Reviews

Commence Corporation is a CRM software solution provider that has continued to invest in their product by introducing new features and enhancements year after year. This latest one called “Conversations” is an instant messaging tool that is built right within the CRM software.  It’s a handy application that complements e-mail and your telephone, and is used to communicate with internal or external staff.  What’s nice about conversations is that once a message is posted it will appear on the dashboard of the Commence CRM users and they can respond accordingly.  There is no requirement to open a folder like there is with e-mail and if the end user is on the telephone they can still read and reply to the message.


“It’s a nice feature that provides us with point to point communication for our internal staff,” says A. Jenkins, a user of Commence CRM “and because it’s built into the CRM product it’s faster and more efficient than e-mail.”

For more information about Commence CRM and the new conversations feature, visit the company’s website at www.commence.com.

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