Month: February 2017

Make it easy to exchange information with your customers.

Ask questions to facilitate every step in the sales process

By kahlewisdom / February 27, 2017

Best Practice #44: Is good at asking questions as a means of facilitating every step in the sales process.

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Make a Smart CRM Decision

Make a Smart CRM Decision

By commence2018 / February 20, 2017

We combine our top rated software with an experienced staff – this is our success formula and why we are different from other CRM solution providers.

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Commence Making a Difference for Small to Mid-Size Companies

By commence2018 / February 15, 2017

Commence CRM is that middle market solution that offers more than the traditional contact management, sales, and marketing functionality of other CRM products.

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Sales Plan

Creating a Powerful Sales Plan

By kahlewisdom / February 6, 2017

In sales we must often decide where to go, who to call, what to do. The quality of this decision, more than anything, dictates the quality of our sales results.

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