Month: January 2021

man in the suit with CRM illustrations

Improving Customer Segmentation With Machine Learning

By CommenceCRM / January 20, 2021

Successful marketing is defined as offering the “right product to the right person at the right time”. In order to actually market to customers successfully, it’s important to sort them into segments so you can find patterns in their behavior. However, modern marketers continue to rely on their intuition for customer segmentation rather than employ technologies like machine learning. So…

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Data Cleaning

How Bad Data Can Negatively Influence Your Decision Making Process 

By CommenceCRM / January 16, 2021

Data is one of the most valuable resources any business could have, whether it’s for your marketing or sales teams. However, data is only useful when it is of high quality. Bad data that is incorrect, irrelevant, or missing can create issues for you and your company. At best, these problems may be inconsequential but at worst, your company could…

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Sales Leader’s Question: When to terminate?

By Dave Kahle / January 8, 2021

Question: Our business has been struggling for the last year or so. Several of my salespeople are just not producing.  I’m not sure I can continue to work with them.  When do I decide to terminate their employment? Answer: Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to ask this question? In an ideal world, everyone would succeed, and our…

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