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Get Salesforce or Dynamics CRM Functionality at Half Cost

By CommenceCRM / July 10, 2019

  Want in on an industry secret? You can get the same functionality as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce for half the price. How? Get Commence CRM instead. Commence has been providing CRM software solutions to small and mid-size businesses for more than two decades and offers a comprehensive set of functionality that rivals these industry giants at a fraction…

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CRM Selection = The Devil is in the Details

Best CRM for Small Business 2019

By CommenceCRM / March 14, 2019

Important Decision Criteria What is the best CRM software program for small businesses? Well that depends who you ask. Most reviewers evaluate CRM solutions based on three criteria; features, functions and price. It’s the old checklist game whereby they make a list of every feature they can think of then award 1 point to the vendors that offer that feature.…

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How to Get a Better ROI from CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / November 27, 2018

The key to success is selecting the right CRM company that offers not only the software, but the service and support that will ensure your success.

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Ticket Automation Key to Quality Customer Service

By CommenceCRM / September 19, 2018

Customers have an expectation that they can get their questions resolved 24/7. To get a leg up on your competition you need to provide this level of support.

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CRM Dashboard

Commence CRM Filling the Gap for Middle Market Companies

By CommenceCRM / September 6, 2018

Even with hundreds of CRM systems to choose from, mid-market companies are still having difficulty finding the right solution at a price they can afford.

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Commence CRM Top 20 Most Popular CRM

Capterra Lists Most Popular CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / July 18, 2018

Commence CRM is a Top 20 CRM based on affordability, user friendliness, and popularity.

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Finally a Comprehensive CRM Solution for Midsize Firms

By CommenceCRM / July 3, 2018

Commence CRM’s functionality and price points place it firmly in the mid-market segment for those who need advanced functionality at an affordable cost.

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Big Business Goals with Small Business Resources? You're Not Dreaming. Commence CRM

Small Businesses Struggling to Adopt CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / June 19, 2018

Successful firms view the implementation of CRM as a critical next step to improving their business performance, and are willing to put in the commitment.

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Best CRM Software 2018

Best CRM Solutions of 2018 by Company Size, Mid-Year Roundup

By CommenceCRM / June 11, 2018

Our top two picks of the year for best CRM solutions of 2018, broken down by company size.

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Low-cost CRM vendors expect you to enter your credit card over the internet and do not expect a human to interact with you.

Small Businesses Should Not View CRM as a Commodity

By CommenceCRM / May 21, 2018

Most small business executives view CRM software as a commodity product and it is easy to understand why. Today, there are several hundred solution providers that cater to the small business community.  They all offer the same basic functionality for managing accounts and contacts, activities, notes, e-mail and in some cases a sales forecast.  In fact, the market has become…

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