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GPC Integrates Commence RM and QuickBooks

By CommenceCRM / June 6, 2019

Chesterland, Ohio – June 5, 2019   GPC Tech Team, a system integrator based in Ohio has announced that it is now offering a QuickBooks interface with Commence RM 7.0.  GPC Tech Team has been involved with Commence RM installations for more than a decade and has worked with more than 50 Commence RM databases. “We found that several of the…

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Nearly 3 Decades of CRM: How Commence Corporation Software Eases the Strain of Managing Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service |

Commence CRM Helps Businesses Focus on What They Do Best

By CommenceCRM / April 3, 2018

Nearly 3 Decades of CRM: How Commence Corporation Software Eases the Strain of Managing Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service –

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CRM Software Company Adds SEO Services for Small Businesses

By CommenceCRM / March 6, 2018

Marketing enablement program combines CRM lead generation with professional SEO services to deliver organic inquiries that cost much less for small businesses.

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Commence CRM review

CommenceCRM Addressing the Needs of Small/Midsize Businesses

By CommenceCRM / February 9, 2018

CRM Radio interview discusses how Commence CRM has continued to enjoy success in this highly competitive market.

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CRM with Project Management

Commence Adds Project Management to Popular CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / January 12, 2018

Commence CRM offers a suite of modular applications for managing sales, marketing, customer service and now project management.

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40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management 2017

By CommenceCRM / December 22, 2017

Commence Corporation CEO Nominated as Inspiring Leader in software and web applications for Sales Lead Management.

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Project Management Driving Increased Sales for Commence CRM

By CommenceCRM / August 18, 2017

Already recognized as a top 20 solution by Capterra, the integration of project management further differentiates Commence CRM from the myriad of other CRMs.

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Commence Shines among Affordable CRM Solutions

Commence Shines among Affordable CRM Solutions

By CommenceCRM / July 10, 2017

CRM software is considered a commodity today and for good reason.  There are several hundred vendors, all claiming to be the easiest to use lowest cost solution for improving internal business processes.  While many are inexpensive and easy to use, these products are all pretty much the same.  They offer basic contact management and sales forecasts, but very little in…

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Share information with your customers at the speed of business | Commence CRM

CRM Company Leads the Way with Automated Customer Service

By CommenceCRM / June 27, 2017

CRM is automating how businesses can deliver high quality service and support to their customers.

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Clean, Simple, Easy to Use CRM is in your Reach

Commence CRM Addressing the Needs of Mid-Size Businesses

By CommenceCRM / June 21, 2017

Commence is an all in one CRM solution that offers account and contact management, sales opportunity management, group calendaring, activity management, marketing, help desk ticketing, and analytical reporting.

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