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The key to success is discipline

Discipline is Key to Successful CRM Installations

By CommenceCRM / May 18, 2018

As a sales executive I can tell in just a few minutes if the company I am talking with is going to be successful with our software.

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Let Commence CRM do the heavy lifting for you.

NJ Software Company Makes Compelling Offer to Small Businesses

By CommenceCRM / May 20, 2016

A mentoring program designed to ensure the successful implementation and use of the Commence CRM solution.

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Best CRM Programs 2016

By CommenceCRM / April 8, 2016

If your small to midsize business requires more than a basic contact manager and a sales forecast, Commence CRM might be the right solution for your business.

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Commence Adding Staff to Support Growth in Managed Services

By CommenceCRM / June 27, 2014

If you have been using Commence RM desktop software, you appreciate how quickly and efficiently you can modify the applications to meet unique and challenging business requirements. Despite the intense level of competition that has entered the market, Commence RM is still highly regarded as one of the most customizable and affordable CRM solutions available for automating internal business processes.…

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Customers Realize Maximum Value with CRM Video Training

By CommenceCRM / March 15, 2013

Commence On-Demand, the popular online CRM software for small to mid-size businesses, is helping customers realize a rapid return on their investment through the use of video training.  “We know our customers are busy and may not have the time to schedule formal training sessions” says Flo Viau, a senior member of Commence Corporation’s professional services team, “so we are…

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4 Reasons Why [CRM] Software Purchases Fail

By CommenceCRM / March 7, 2013

Joe Stangarone, of mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog, gives some great advice about how to avoid being in a “blame” meeting for a failed IT project or failed software purchase: Have you ever been in a “blame” meeting? It’s one of those meetings called when numbers are down or after a project or purchase failed miserably. As you might guess,…

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CRM Software – No Training Required

By CommenceCRM / February 11, 2013

Got your attention haven’t I and isn’t this exactly what small businesses want to hear?  It sure is and it’s the “tag line” of the majority of CRM vendors who sell to the small to mid-size business community.  Why?  Because it’s the only way to sell to this segment of the industry and it works. No one wants to hear…

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CRM No Commitment – Means No Results

By CommenceCRM / February 6, 2013

Select a CRM Vendor Committed to Your Success As an executive of a company servicing the Customer Relationship Management software sector, CRM has become a bit of an oxymoron for me.  I believe that building long term business relationships with your customers requires a commitment to providing quality products and great customer service.   This traditionally involves reaching out to your…

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Foolish Thinking Causes the Failure of CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / January 14, 2013

Small businesses often struggle with how they manage and execute their marketing message, lead generation programs and sales opportunity management. This is because they typically do not have the expertise on board to implement or automate the internal business processes that drive these requirements.  What’s worse is that many believe that the mere purchase of a good CRM software program…

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