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Sales Manager Q & A: Should you penalize sales people?

By Dave Kahle / December 4, 2018

Once you set up a compensation plan, you are, I believe, obligated to meet the terms of that plan.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t change the plan.

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Is it Time to Concentrate on Sales Productivity?

By Dave Kahle / November 21, 2018

By Dave Kahle Sales productivity may be a new concept for many sales executives.  “Sales” is easy to understand, and “productivity” is pretty clear, but when those two words are combined the combination becomes a bit vague. What exactly is sales productivity, and why should you be concerned about it? Let’s start by examining productivity.  We understand that the notion…

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Are You Dealing with a Professional Shopper?

By CommenceCRM / November 13, 2018

How to take control of an endless sales process with a growing or changing list of requirements.

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Comfort Zones

By Dave Kahle / November 8, 2018

Specific actions you can take to help your sales reps overcome their lack of comfort with certain markets.

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Is That Sale Fading Away?

By CommenceCRM / November 1, 2018

You want some feedback and you want to hear that they will be in touch shortly and that the deal is yours, but you just don’t know.

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How can I help a salesperson regain interest in the job?

By Dave Kahle / October 24, 2018

If a sales person has lost interest, this could lead to reduced sales production for the sales person and for the company. When should you intervene?

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Exposure to New Ideas

By Dave Kahle / October 17, 2018

If you are going to continue to grow and develop and come close to achieving the potential you have, you must actively seek out new ideas and new experiences.

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Lower Our Price or Lose the Deal

By CommenceCRM / October 9, 2018

What can you do to win the business and retain your price points when faced with this ultimatum?

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Time Management: An ounce of prevention

By Dave Kahle / September 27, 2018

What would you do if the phone lines went down for an extended period of time? How about the electrical power? What if a virus took down your computer system? What if you had your laptop stolen?

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Stimulate the change you want

Sales Q & A – Creating Change

By Dave Kahle / August 30, 2018

You have mandated some changes, and a good percentage of the sales people are not making them. Time to take some action.

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