Online Contact Management

It’s Time to Move Past Contact Management

By CommenceCRM / November 14, 2012

Many small to mid-size businesses continue to manage their business using basic contact management tools and an Excel spreadsheet.  They have become so comfortable with this process that they may have overlooked the value offered today through the use of CRM or customer relationship management software. Why should these businesses consider CRM?  The answer is clear.  In order to respond…

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Larger Companies Cut Expenses With Commence CRM

By CommenceCRM / April 1, 2011

TINTON FALLS, N.J. / March 31, 2011 –- Commence Corporation a leading provider of cloud based Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) for mid-size and small enterprises has announced the ability to utilize their top rated CRM solution in-house or on-premise.  “Many larger organizations we have spoken with have two significant concerns regarding the selection and implementation of CRM software”, says…

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Redefining Customer Relationship In CRM

By CommenceCRM / March 8, 2010

As small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) struggle to survive in this economic climate, they are placing a major emphasis on increasing sales. Whether through finding new customers or attempting to increase the volume of purchases by the existing customer base, the attention is on getting the sales organization to be more productive.  SMBs, in spite of tough economic times, are…

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