How to Use Spin Selling to Close More Online Sales

by CommenceCRM

Anyone who’s had an introduction to sales has probably heard the term SPIN selling. It’s one of the oldest sales frameworks, and therefore also one of the most tried and…

What Is the Difference Between Contact Management Software and CRM

by CommenceCRM

Plenty of articles online equate contact management software (CMS) and customer relationship management software (CRM), which doesn’t guide you in choosing between the two. So, how is a CMS different…

How to Make Your Sales Funnel Stages Run More Smoothly

by CommenceCRM

A sales funnel is more than just a metaphor: it’s a structure you can wield to organize your team’s efforts and propel your business forward. Whether you favor content marketing,…

What Kind of Analysis You Can Perform On a Ticket Management System

by CommenceCRM

Ticket management systems are a great tool for tracking customer data. Without it, sales reps will be lost in thousands of questions and comments, without the information they need to…

What Is the Difference Between a Sales Pipeline and a Sales Funnel?

by CommenceCRM

The sales funnel and sales pipeline are two of the most commonly used words in the sales world, often interchangeably. You might have wondered what makes the other two different,…

Any Legs Left in CRM Software?

by CommenceCRM

By Larry Caretsky It’s been well over a decade since the term Customer Relationship Management software started to appear in industry journals.  Positioned as the software that would significantly impact…

How to Keep Track of Sales Leads: Best Practices

by CommenceCRM

Sales tracking can be a menial and confusing process, but when done right, you will be rewarded with better techniques and improved insights on your process. There are different ways…

Why Digital Marketing Agencies Need To Implement a CRM System

by CommenceCRM

It seems like there’s a brand new marketing tool being released every year. With so many options out on the market, how do you know what’s right for your company?…

CRM Software: A Bridge Between Sales and Marketing

by CommenceCRM

Sales and marketing have always been pitted against each other, but modern consumerist behavior is forcing brands to rethink the way these departments operate. When it comes to modern consumers,…

Why Good Sales People Often Turn into Mediocre Sales Managers

by Dave Kahle

We’ve all done it.  Promoted a good sales person, often our best, to sales manager.  My files are full of cases where the results were below expectations for everyone involved. …

7 Key Functions of Mobile CRM

by CommenceCRM

With more customers using mobiles devices, the pressure on businesses to always be available can seem like an impossible request. Luckily, software like CRMs exist to help businesses stay on…

Digitalize Your Small Business and Save Money by Implementing CRM Software

by CommenceCRM

Despite the advent of management software, small business owners are still hesitant to adopt new technologies, mainly because software such as CRM feels like an unnecessary addition to smaller operations….

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