Commence RM 7.0 Release Notes

Commence RM 7.0 Feature Summary

Commence Mobile Link

What’s New? Synchronize Data From Your PC to Smart Phone- Quick, Easy and Fast

Want to synchronize your calendar and contacts from Commence to your Smartphone?  Well now you can. RM 7.0 will include our mobile link software, a plugin software component that synchronizes data with MS Outlook and Google.  Away from the office and need contact and calendar detail – you’ve got it with RM 7.0

Mobile Link

Connect Email Marketing

What’s New? Commence Connect now works with Office 365

“Commence Connect” the bulk e-mail capability in Commence RM has been enhanced to support Office 365 and now takes advantage of security using SSL or STARTTLS.  Now you can create e-mail programs with Office 365, Gmail and other mail servers using the latest data security protocols.


Office 2016 style options

What’s New? Refresh the look and feel Commence of with Office 2016 Styles

Building on our already popular preference settings for Office Styles, we have added more; the new Office 2016 style options.   Give your Commence desktop an instant refresh with the use of styles.  Commence RM 7.0 introduces new Office 2016 styles, “Colorful” and “Black” themes for a modern look and feel.


Report Writer Enhancements

What’s New? Create Dazzling reports with Charts, tables and mapping features

Business professionals need the ability to quickly and efficiently produce both ad hoc and graphical reports to manage their business. RM 7.0 enhances the current reporting capability with new charts, tables, calendars and mapping features.

Generate Advanced Report Layouts – Using RDL Technology

RDL reports are like a continuous roll of paper. You can use multiple report components in one page (traditionally impossible without sub-reports) and multiple data sources in one report. The continuous page is useful when you don’t know how much data there will be. It runs through the data rows until it’s finished. This is a great option for long tabular reports such as general ledgers.

Page Reports – Layout Driven Reports

In page reports, pages act as containers. Each page can be a copy of the first or a clean page. Data that overflows your tables or other data regions can span pages, but you control the layout of each page and specify where the overflow data goes with a placeholder. This report type is great for billing statements, mail merge, catalogs, forms, and other reports with layout constrictions.


Contact Commence Sales for any clarification about the features of RM 7.0