Salesforce – Customers Say Too Hard, Too Expensive

Salesforce customers.. That moment when you realize you paid a premium for a product that's too hard to use. is recognized as the leading provider of CRM software. Despite the fact that there are other very good products designed for vertical industry segments and ones targeted specifically at small, mid-size or large enterprise organizations, Salesforce has magnificently built this aura about themselves that if you need a CRM solution they are the only game in town.  Great marketing and you have to give credit where credit is due, but things have been changing in the CRM sector.  There are now many more competitors and this competition has put pressure on how much customers are willing to pay for what many now feel has become a commodity market.  In addition, customers have been weighing in on their experience with Salesforce and it’s seems that the shine has come off the Salesforce apple.  Customers indicate that the product is cumbersome to work with and simply too hard to use.  They also feel that they are paying a premium for a product in which they only use a fraction of the functionality.  Many are now looking for an alternative.

The good news is that today there are several vendors that have entered the market with robust offerings that are attractively priced and easier to use than  One of these products is Commence CRM from Commence Corporation.  Commence is no stranger to the software industry.  For the past two decades the company has been a providing application development tools too small and mid-size companies whose business requirements simply could not be met by traditional one size fits all CRM solutions.  Commence utilized its tools to build Commence CRM, which like Salesforce enables growing businesses to manage accounts and contacts, sales, marketing, customer service and projects; but unlike, Commence CRM is easy to use and about half the overall cost.  The product is now considered a top-rated solution for small to mid-size businesses.

Commence CRM is uniquely positioned between basic out-of-the-box, one size fits all solutions and more complex costly solutions like  The company’s reputation for providing world class customer service is noted by recent testimonials from new customers.

If you are looking to replace or need a comprehensive easy to use flexible solution for managing sales, marketing, customer service and projects take a look at Commence CRM. You will be glad you did.  See our Salesforce comparison

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  1. Do not know much about Commence CRM as an alternative, but the article is on target. Many SMB’s who implemented are looking for an easier to use more affordable solution.

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