Commence Helps Desktop Customers Migrate to Hosted CRM Service

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Helping our Business Customers

Commence Corporation, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), is offering traditional desktop CRM customers the option to migrate to the company’s new online CRM hosted service.  “The economic environment has hit many small to mid-size businesses very hard” says Todd Pape, Chief Information Officer at Commence.  Many are working with dated hardware and software and no longer have the staff to maintain their internal infrastructure.  Commence is offering them an opportunity to migrate to one of two deployment options that have been designed to reduce the requirement of internal staff along with the cost  of maintaining their inhouse CRM system.”

“First is our hosted CRM service which enables them to maintain their desktop software, but have the server component managed and maintained by Commence’s professional engineers at our data center.  This enables the customer to focus 100 percent of their time in managing and growing their business. For those customers interested in cloud computing, they can have their CRM online and completely alleviate the requirement for new hardware or software.  The cloud based CRM system offers anytime anywhere access and full mobile support. “

“Customers truly appreciate the options offered by Commence” stated Denis Moran, president of Istri – a reseller of Commence products in Europe. “No one wants to change CRM vendors especially when they are pleased with the product and service they have received over the years”.   For more information about how Commence can help you migrate to a hosted or online CRM environment, visit the company’s web site at

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Commence Takes Contact Management Software to the Next Level – Attracts Users of Act, Maximizer & Goldmine

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Inverted Cheerleader PyramidCRM software provider Commence Corporation has added new functionality to their cloud based CRM software that is attracting users of traditional contact management products.  What is unique about Commence is the ability to manage information at the account level or the contact level with the click of a button.   Traditional contact management software products require the end user to enter contact data followed by the account they are related to.  Commence enables you to add an account then add all the related contacts in one area. This allows you to select an account and view all of the related contacts on one screen.  It’s a much more efficient way to manage customer information.  In addition, under the account view you can capture multiple addresses, notes, e-mail history, sales opportunities, pending and completed activities, documents, and project information all on the same screen.  An added feature is an automated organization chart that graphically displays all contacts, who they report to along with their title and e-mail.

Companies that are still using desktop contact management software are looking for the next generation of software that provides additional functionality, better reporting, and anytime anywhere access to data via mobile devices.  Commence CRM’s robust functionality coupled with its ease of use and affordability has proven to be a nice step up for companies still using desktop contact management programs.

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