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Contact Management software had been around for more than 30 years and today is considered a commodity often offered for free from CRM solution providers looking to sell you additional products and services. Some of the more advanced contact management systems allow you to run reports on your information, create saved searches, create targeted lists of contacts by industry, and link related accounts to track business partners and subsidiaries. But contact management, while valuable by itself, can provide substantially more value when integrated with other CRM software applications such as sales and marketing.

Contact management software is considered the core of every CRM software program which is why it has become a commodity. When integrated with sales, marketing and customer support you now have an automated solution for managing the front office business processes that run and drive your business.

Market to, sell to, and provide service to your customers with integrated CRM

You can market to contacts, sell to them and provide service when they become customers. 

This is why it is so critical to create a database of information that links all activities, events, marketing programs, sales and service tickets to each account and contact. This database of vital customer information enables you to become a more efficient sales and service organization. Contact management alone is simply one component of today’s CRM software programs.

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Commence Makes Migration to CRM Software Easy for Contact Management Users

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Would this bring me a fortune?During the past two decades small to mid-size companies relied on contact management software to manage customer relationships. These programs were designed to operate on desktop PCs assuming employees are primarily at their desk networked with others within the organization. The internet and cloud computing has introduced a new breed of CRM software that enables businesses to access vital customer data anytime and from anywhere. Access to customer data is available from any device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone) making these new CRM solutions perfect for today’s mobile workforce.

CRM solution providers like Commence Corporation are making the transition to web based CRM software easy for those customers ready to take advantage of cloud computing. First, the company provides a data migration service that enables the migration of contact data into the Commence CRM software. This allows customers to begin with a solid database of contact information versus having to manually key in thousands of names, addresses and telephone numbers. Perhaps more importantly is the comfort factor once customers learn how Commence CRM works.

There is significant difference between contact management software and CRM software. Contact management software is designed to manage individual people or contacts, whereas CRM software is designed to manage companies or accounts. Because CRM is account centric much of the filtering and reporting is designed around accounts as well. Commence CRM enables you to manage both contacts and accounts and you have the flexibility to view, search, report and even add customer fields to the contact database as well as the account database. You can manage them jointly or as separate databases. Why does this matter? Because companies that are used to managing a contact database can continue to operate in a similar fashion with Commence CRM. Commence CRM simply takes customer relationship management to a much higher level while providing the flexibility to access data anytime, from anywhere and from any browser capable device.

Customers using older contact managers such as Goldmine, Maximizer, ACT! or Avidian will find that Commence CRM offers the right mix of functionality, flexibility and price to get them to the next generation of Customer Relationship Management.

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CRM for Contact Management

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Think every CRM system manages accounts and contacts the same? Think again. Commence Corporation, a top rated CRM system for mid-size businesses and small enterprises, takes contact and account management to a whole new level with an automated customer ranking system that enables businesses to rate and color code their customers based on their value to your business.

The ratings are  customizable and typically include criteria such as company size, revenue generated, service level requirements, profitability, growth potential and customer retention.  The customer rating system allows management and all authorized personnel to quickly see your company’s most valuable customers, enabling you to provide high quality service to those that matter most.

Example of rating system below:

  • Red = Top Rated Customers
  • Yellow = Mid-tier
  • Blue = Smaller less profitable customers

CRM Account Rating System

Why Commence is the Best Customer Account Management System

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Choosing customer manager software is a huge decision. Perhaps you have asked around and have heard others complain that the software they use either does not have enough features, or is too complicated to figure out. As a busy professional, it is important that you choose a customer account management system that provides everything you need to take your business to the next level, but not a ton of extra features that have clearly been designed for a large corporation.

Choose the Right CRM Web-Based Product

Commence is ranked as one of the top 3 CRM software companies for many reasons, including:

  • Leader in Innovation – We provide a ton of innovative but thoughtful features, such as our customer and lead ranking feature and built-in organization chart feature.
  • Proven Performance – Our reputation as a trusted cloud customer database certainly speaks for itself. Our reputation comes with over 20 years of experience, numerous awards, proven return on investment and several thousand satisfied customers.
  • Commitment to Our Customers – When it comes to positive reviews and customer loyalty rate, no other CRM can even compare. We value our customer feedback and the opportunity to address any concerns or new features that people might find helpful.

Is the Cloud Contact Management Software you’re Using Getting the Job Done?

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Many business owners are so eager to get started with cloud contact management software that they simply run out and buy the most popular brand. Unfortunately, the most well known CRM application is going to be the one that is used by larger corporations. The problem with this is that while these products may be effective for a company of a larger size, they are not practical for a small or new business. They are also a lot more expensive.

Commence is the Best Alternative to Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the better-known CRM systems for large corporations, and is an excellent product. However, if you do a little digging for CRM comparisons and reviews, you will find that Commence is the most recognized alternative to Salesforce. Not only is it designed for a smaller business, it is a lot less expensive.

If you are a hardworking business owner, you owe it to yourself to use a CRM product that will make your day go smoother, while helping to increase your profits.

Small Businesses Do Best with Web based Contact Management Software

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Let’s face it many small to mid-size businesses are simply not prepared to automate their sales process and effect change in their sales organization. There are hosts of reasons for this, but what they can do and need to do is to get past running their business from an Excel spreadsheet.

Contact management software has been around for decades and today it’s not only easy to use but incredibly affordable. Why do you need it? Because the best way to effectively manage business relationships with your customers is to share customer information in real time. Having a central repository of customer information allows sales management to focus on analyzing the data instead of spending their valuable time consolidating multiple spreadsheets from each salesperson. Customer service staff can readily access this data when customers call. It’s a simple concept that is quick and easy to implement.

The majority of today’s contact management software programs are web based. This means there is no server hardware required and no software to install. You simply download the software from the Internet and you’re operational. It’s that easy and there are dozens of low cost programs that you can evaluate for 30 days to see how you like them. If you don’t simply turn it off – there’s no risk. So what are you waiting for? A simple search for web based contact management software will get you started.

Is an Affordable Mac CRM Available?

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Many small business owners prefer Apple products for a long list of reasons. Unfortunately, apps, software and accessories always seem to be so much more expensive and harder to find. So much so, that some may find them second-guessing themselves on their decision to even use these products. If you are like most, you are probably also assuming that any Mac CRM system available is going to put a serious dent in your budget, right? Well, although some will — Commence won’t!

Choose Commence as Your Apple CRM Solution

Here at Commence, we designed our contact management software with the small business owner in mind. Therefore, we don’t expect a hardworking professional to squeeze hundreds of dollars a month into their budget just to make use of customer software. We keep our pricing just right. Plus, you may be interested to learn that Commence works with a mixed network, so, if you have some Windows users as well, the CRM software will work for all your employees.

Is Your Web Based Contact Management Software Getting the Job Done?

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The only thing worse than not taking advantage of cloud CRM, is buying the wrong web-based contact management software that just does not work for your business. This is a common occurrence with small business owners who buy software designed for large corporations. They get discouraged, don’t use it and then do not even want to try a different software. This is unfortunate, because the right contact management solution will make your life easier and help your business operate smoother and more efficiently.

Let Our Web Based Contact Management Software Work for You

If you have tried a web based contact management software and were truly disappointed, you owe it to yourself to give Commence CRM a try. There are many other businesses owners just like you who have unfortunately tried to use software made for a company operating on a much larger scale and who have ended up doing more work than they were doing without it.

Commence was designed for you! We did not create CRM software made for a corporation with hundreds of employees; we made something user-friendly, thorough and efficient for all size companies, especially those with fewer employees, who work twice as hard. You owe it to yourself to see why small business owners turn to us to help manage every aspect of their operations.

What Can I do with Cloud Contact Management?

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You may think that because you are a small business owner that you won’t really get much use out of cloud contact management. You are mistaken! Having an easy way to manage your contacts is beneficial to anyone, and it is certainly a feature that you can’t appreciate, until you have it.

What Cloud Contact Management Can do for You

Maybe you are staying away from cloud contact management software because you assume it will be complex or consume too much of your time. Here at Commence, we understand these concerns, so our system has been designed to be efficient and effective, for even the busiest operator.  Just a few of the many things it allows you to do include:

  • Manage entire sales cycles
  • Schedule activities and appointments
  • Create to-do lists
  • Record customer and prospect interaction
  • Generate forecast and performance reporting
  • Create and email quotes

Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Contact Management Software

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Building relationships with your customers is important so that they will continue to do business with your company. As your company grows, it may seem difficult to be able to personalize customer service for each of your customers or clients. If you have the right contact management software, however, you will be able to keep all of your notes on a customer in one place. You can keep track of previous contact with the customer and other information about their accounts so that you will be able to anticipate their needs and help them solve problems if they call for support.

Using Contact Management Software in Your Office

By using contact management software in your office you will be able to share vital information about your customers with the departments in your business that need it most. For example, you can have information on a prospective client sent to your sales team to nurture leads and bring in more business.