Customer and Channel Partner Portal

Provide On-Line Customer Service

Extend your Commence CRM system outside your organization and connect with customers via an on-line portal. Provide customers with a central place to enter service tickets, access a Knowledgebase and Frequently Asked Questions 24/7. Increase productivity by providing your internal staff with automated self-service tools that will delight your customers, boost customer satisfaction and retention and reduce calls to your support staff.

Customer Dashboard



  • Enter service tickets on-line
    Automated receipt confirmation
  • Query the Customer Portal when you want
    Available 24/7 from any device
  • Increase customer communication, interaction and satisfaction
    Boost customer satisfaction and retention
  • Online Knowledge Base and FAQ
    Access to the latest product information
  • Quick access to training materials
    Get online manuals, videos and demonstrations
  • Password protected
    Secure customer access


Delight your customers by providing them with highly personalized interactive services on the web. Customers can submit support issues, query a knowledgebase and get the answers they need 24/7. You will increase customer interaction and improve customer service while reducing the number of calls to your support staff.