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RM 7.0 Product Feature List

Desktop Environment RM 7.0
Windows 10 Yes
Windows 8 Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Office 2016 Yes
Office 2013 Yes
Office 2010 Yes
Scalability RM 7.0
Categories / Tables 800
Fields per Table 250
Views 2000
Views Label Length 50
Connections 1000
Color code templates 1000
Import/Export templates 600
Agents 1000
Letter templates 600
View filters 8
End User Features RM 7.0
Mobile Link
Sync with Outlook Yes
Sync with Google Yes
Single and Bidirectional Sync Yes
Style Preferences
Ribbon Image Yes
Toolbar Color Yes
Background Color Yes
Office 2016 Styles Yes
Office 2013 Styles Yes
Ribbon Interface
Quick Access Toolbar Yes
Grouped Commands Yes
Minimized Mode Yes
Contact Manager with Sales Forecasting
Dashboard Yes
Social Networking Yes
Account Management Yes
Organization Chart Yes
Contact Management Yes
Time Management Yes
History Tracking Yes
Opportunity Management Yes
Sales Management Reporting Yes
Sales Forecasting Yes
Sales Funnel Reporting Yes
Team Sales Funnel Reporting Yes
Automated Business Processes Yes
Excel Analytic Reporting Yes
Attachments Yes
Expenses Yes
Calendar & Scheduling
Drag and Drop Yes
Day, Week, Month modes Yes
Appointment Alarms Yes
Time Conflict Checking Yes
Natural Language Date and Time Yes
Time Slot Display Yes
Work Week Mode Yes
Mini-Month Week Numbers Yes
Mobile Integration
via Mobile Link Subscription Yes
via Outlook Synchronization Yes
Outlook Integration
Calendar Synchronization Yes
Contact Synchronization Yes
Task Synchronization Yes
Supports Merged Calendar and Task Categories Yes
Third Party Email Marketing
Constant Contact via Connect for Email Yes
With MailChimp via Connect for Email Yes
Email Integration
Send Message via email field type Yes
Log and store attachments from Outlook Yes
Email Logging via Outlook Add-in Yes
Literature Fulfillment via Connect for Email Yes
Email Merges via Connect Yes
Supports PDF, DOC, HTML Yes
Supports XLS, PPT Attachments Yes
Supports Office 365 Yes
Job Scheduling Yes
Office Integration
Print, email, and fax merges Yes
Save in draft mode Yes
Preview mode Yes
Auto letter logging Yes
log non-merged documents Yes
Insert database images Yes
Embedded views Yes
Connection data Yes
Excel Analysis Reporting Yes
Viewing and Reporting
Desktop Styles Yes
View Linking Yes
Sorting / Filtering Yes
Report Writer Yes
    Graphical printing Yes
    HTML, PDF, RTF, XLS export Yes
    View Linking / Filtering Yes
    Report Wizard Yes
    Subreports Yes
    Dynamic Refresh Yes
    Active Reports V12 Yes
    Chart in Report Viewer Yes
    Calendar in Report Viewer Yes
    Maps in Report Viewer Yes
    Tables with Data Overflow Yes
Multiview Yes
    Multiple Primary Views Yes
    Selected Item toolbar Yes
    Search Text Toolbar Yes
    Date Range Toolbar Yes
    Indicates active pane Yes
Grid View Yes
    Supports copy/paste Yes
Web Integration
via Web Companion
    via Web Lookup Yes
    Google Map Search Yes
    Google Financial Search Yes
Save as HTML Yes
    Direct fields Yes
    Indirect fields Yes
Update Utility Yes
Synchronization Progress Bar Yes
Active Log 3 MB
Supports International Date & Time Formats Yes
Synchronization retry Yes
Secure FTP synchronziation with SSL Yes
Cloud based file storage and sharing Yes
Design Features RM 7.0
Detail Forms
Multiple tab organization Yes
Help / Instructional Text Yes
Graphics and icons Yes
Frames Yes
Flexible design engine Yes
Connection Controls
One-to-many Relations Yes
Many-to-many Relations Yes
Connection Filtering Yes
Connection Sorting Yes
Grid style display Yes
Display custom fields Yes
SQL Integration via Commence Professional Services Yes
Intelligent forms via VBS Yes
Access to Commence Database API Yes
ActiveX Yes
HTML Events Yes
Automated Processing
Event Triggers Yes
Conditional Criteria Yes
Multiple Processing Actions Yes
Data Manipulation Functions Yes
Keywords Yes
Workgroup Monitoring Tools
Client sync alert Yes
Daily analysis Yes
Uses local mail client Yes
Uses internet mail server Yes
Reports on workgroup status Yes
Identifies client/server errors Yes
Includes client sync pointer Yes
Recommends resolution Yes
HTML report format Yes
Current user profile Yes
All local profiles Yes
Supports custom database templates Yes
Supports Microsoft Windows 7 Yes
Supports Microsoft Windows 8 (non-tablet) Yes
Supports Microsoft Windows 10 (non-tablet) Yes