Marketing Campaign Management

Maximize campaign effectiveness

Commence CRM provides your marketing team with the tools they need to quickly and easily create targeted marketing campaigns that drive real interest. Pre-built templates enable you to get going quickly while segmentation based on specific criteria ensures that the right message gets to the right customer and prospect



  • Create targeted campaigns
    Segment customers and prospects by specific criteria for highly targeted campaigns
  • Automated campaign management
    Schedule multiple campaigns for distribution at specific dates and times
  • Measure campaign effectiveness
    Manage lead generation, lead conversion and close ratios by campaign
  • Optimize marketing budgets
    Quickly determine the value of each campaign
  • Use web based lead forms for immediate lead distribution
    Integrated web forms provide the ability to immediately follow-up with new opportunities
  • Analytical reporting
    Graphical reports illustrate details of each campaign by industry, source and outcome


With Commence CRM your sales and marketing team will have the tools they need to create and execute effective marketing campaigns that drive new business. There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can create and you can schedule them to run automatically based on pre-defined schedules. This unique capability that we call “Drip Marketing” will help you to build brand recognition, generate quality leads and close more business.